Submariners Association

Direct Debit Instructions

Submariners Association

Direct Debit Instructions

For your convenience, the Submariners Association would like to set up a Direct Debit with you to collect your annual membership subscriptions automatically when they are due. Click the Set up Direct Debit button below to get started.

Any subscriptions for 2021 will need to be paid to your branch. Any Direct Debit setup now will start in 2022 and collected during the first week in January 2022.

Regards, - Submariners Association

Set up Direct Debit

After your initial set up, future invoices are paid automatically. Don't worry - you will be notified before funds are withdrawn from your account. Your payments are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.


The Submariners Association are using GoCardless to assist with the setting up of the Direct Debit. For further information, please see below.

GoCardless makes collecting payments using Direct Debit quick and simple. Learn more

About our Association

The Submariners Association is an Association of ex and serving Submariners which seeks to maintain the special bonds of friendship, loyalty and comradeship, together with a pride in the Submarine Service, formed during service in Her Majesty's Submarines.

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