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The Submariners Association are running a project to erect a Blue Plaque to commemorate holders of the VC who were submariners. Frank (Sandy) Powel a member of the Associations NMC is the driving force in getting all the hard work done, which involves selecting the location, getting all the permissions required and arranging the unveiling.


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16th February

Lt Peter ROBERTS RN and Petty Officer Thomas GOULD, HM S/M Thresher removed two unexploded bombs lodged between the casing and hull off northern Crete and in spite of the likelihood of them drowning if she had to submerge.

Both men were awarded the Victoria Cross

Supplement to the London Gazette, 9 June, 1942 - (From the ADMIRALTY, Whitehall, S.W.1)
The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the award of the VICTORIA CROSS for great valour while serving in H.M.S. Thrasher, to:

Lieutenant Peter Scawen Watkinson Roberts, Royal Navy.
Petty Officer Thomas William Gould, C/JX.147945.

On February 16th, in daylight, H.M. Submarine Thrasher attacked and sank a heavily escorted supply ship. She was at once attacked by depth charges and was bombed by aircraft. The presence of two unexploded bombs in the gun easing was discovered when after dark the submarine surfaced and began to roll.

Lieutenant Roberts and Petty Officer Gould volunteered to remove the bombs, which were of a type unknown to them. The danger in dealing with the second bomb was very great. To reach it they had to go through the casing which was so low they had to lie at full length to move in it. Through this narrow space, in complete darkness, they pushed and dragged the bomb for a distance of some 20 feet until it could be lowered over the side.

Every time the bomb was moved there was a loud twanging noise as of a broken spring which added nothing to their peace of mind. This deed was the more gallant as H.M.S. Thrasher's presence was known to the enemy; she was close to the enemy coast, and in waters where his patrols were known to be active day and night. There was a very great chance, and they knew it, that the submarine might have to crash dive while they were in the casing. Had this happened they must have been drowned.

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