Lt Cdr M.D. Wanklyn DSO VC

Lt Cdr M.D. Wanklyn DSO VC

Lt Cdr M.D. Wanklyn DSO VC




Submariner VC
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The Submariners Association are running a project to erect a Blue Plaque to commemorate holders of the VC who were submariners. Frank (Sandy) Powel a member of the Associations NMC is the driving force in getting all the hard work done, which involves selecting the location, getting all the permissions required and arranging the unveiling.


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24th May

Lt Cdr Malcolm WANKLYN RN, CO HMS/M Upholder attacked a strongly escorted troop convoy
off Sicily and sank the 18,000-ton liner 'Conte Rosso'.
For this and other successful patrols he was awarded the Victoria Cross.

Lt Cdr Wanklyn was lost in the sinking of Upholder in April 1942.

The London Gazette, Tuesday 16 December, 1941 - (From the ADMIRALTY, Whitehall, S.W.1)
The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the grant of the
VICTORIA CROSS for valour and resolution in command of His Majesty's Submarine Upholder, to:

Lieutenant Commander Malcolm David Wanklyn, D.S.O., Royal Navy.

On the evening of the 24th of May, 1941, while on patrol off the coast of Sicily, Lieutenant Commander Wanklyn in command of His Majesty's Submarine Upholder, sighted a south bound enemy troop convoy, strongly escorted by Destroyers. The failing light was such that observation by periscope could not be relied on but a surface attack would have been easily seen. Upholder's listening gear was out of action.
In spite of these severe handicaps Lieutenant Commander Wanklyn decided to press home his attack at short range. He quickly steered his craft into a favourable position and closed in so as to make sure of his target.

By this time the whereabouts of the escorting Destroyers could not be made out. Lieutenant Commander Wanklyn, while fully aware of the risk of being rammed by one of the escort, continued to press on towards the enemy troop ships. As he was about to fire, one of the enemy Destroyers appeared out of the darkness at high speed and he only just avoided being rammed. As soon as he was clear, he brought his periscope sights on and fired torpedoes, which sank a large troop ship. The enemy Destroyers at once made a strong counter-attack and during the next twenty minutes dropped thirty seven depth charges near Upholder. The failure of his listening devices made it much harder for him to get away, but with the greatest courage, coolness and skill he brought Upholder clear of the enemy and safe back to harbour.

Before this outstanding attack, and since being appointed a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order, Lieutenant Commander Wanklyn had torpedoed a tanker and a merchant vessel. He has continued to show the utmost bravery in the presence of the enemy. He has carried out his attacks on enemy vessels with skill and relentless determination, and has also sunk one Destroyer, one U boat, two troop transports of 19,500 tons each, one tanker and three supply ships. He has besides probably destroyed by torpedoes one Cruiser and one Destroyer, and possibly hit another Cruiser.

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