RN & Other Websites of Interest

RN & Other Websites of Interest


If any Association member knows of a link which they feel may be of interest to other members please inform the Webmaster on the link below and if appropriate it will be included in these pages. If I have missed out any Branch web-site please forward your details also please inform me of any broken links which you may encounter.

Conference of Naval Associations

The Conference of Naval Associations (CONA) is a loose federation of like-minded naval associations who believe in working together for the benefit of their members.

Membership is free on application to the Secretary, or chair of the Working Group. CONA is about more intelligently working together to gain benefits, reduce costs and open up opportunities; merger is officially off the agenda and is not discussed, in order to protect the individual nature and freedom of each association.

The Conference meets twice a year and all members can attend (or not) and there are two Working Groups a year, where the real work of the Association gets done.

The key projects for CONA are currently:

·        Establish a full register of all naval associations, with contact details, web details etc
·        A geographical register which will show where all branches of all naval associations meet.
·        A website to host the registers (kindly sponsored by SF(UK)).
·        Cost reduction:
             - Legal fees
             - Printing
             - Sound engineer
             - Investment advice
·        Benefits for members
            - Partnership with The UK Holiday Group
            -  BUPA scheme
            - Others in the pipeline.
·        A minor role in advocacy if all members agree the line to take.
·        A presence on social media at some point

There is no structure or constitution, other than the election of a Chair, Chair of the working group and CONA secretary once a year


National Memorial Arboretum

The centrally-located National Memorial Arboretum, home to the striking Armed Forces Memorial,
comprises 150 acres of trees and memorials devoted to the theme of Remembrance.
It is situated near Lichfield and within the National Forest in Staffordshire.
Please help us maintain this very special place by making a donation or becoming a member of the NMA Friends.

Charles Bagot Jewitt
Registered in England - Charity No. 1043992, Company No. 2927443, VAT No. 806 6197 19

Chief Executive
Registered Address
National Memorial Arboretum
Croxall Road
DE13 7AR
Tel: 01283 792333
Direct Dial: 01283 799342

Naval History

Our present world has been shaped by World War 1 - as much a maritime war as World War 2. Not just the Battle of Jutland or the Allies near-defeat by the U-boats, but Mediterranean, Belgian coast, South West & South Africa, East Africa, Persian Gulf, German raiders, Atlantic convoys, North Russia.

Naval History has prepared for the centenary for some years, using contemporary sources where possible and more recent research where available. Current projects include:
1. Chronology providing the political and military background to the war at sea.
2. Naval Operations by Corbett and Newbolt many of the excellent plans are online including all the Battle of Jutland and the three volume Merchant Navy histories by Hurd.
3. Navy despatches and relevant Army despatches from the London Gazette. Also Royal Navy honours and gallantry awards-by award and by Gazette date. To include a name database and index.
4. Royal Navy and Royal Marine casualties (researched by Don Kindell working with the Naval Historical Branch (MOD)), as well as those of the Dominion Navies and US Navy & Marine Corps.
5. Royal Navy warships and auxiliaries from the invaluable 'Ships of the Royal Navy 1914-1919'; by Dittmar and College. Although still in progress, all warships and many of the auxiliaries are listed by name and by type/class.
6.British warship log books of the World War 1 era, totalling some 300,000 pages. The logs of over 300 ships have been transcribed, and most are online. They include coverage of Battle of the Falklands, Northern Patrol, Dardanelles, East Africa, trans-Atlantic convoys, Indian Ocean, China Station, amounting to some 60-70 percent of all major warship movements 1914-18, outside of British home waters.

All these resources and more including battle summaries can be accessed from the top right-hand column of:

Gordon Smith - Naval History

About our Association

The Submariners Association is an Association of ex and serving Submariners which seeks to maintain the special bonds of friendship, loyalty and comradeship, together with a pride in the Submarine Service, formed during service in Her Majesty's Submarines.

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