6th December 2016dolphinsSmaller

Vice Chairman's Post

That following the unexpected resignation of our current Vice-chairman Ted Hogben, Iain Mackenzie has agreed to undertake this role on a temporary basis, until the national Conference in march 2017, where a new Vice-chairman will be voted into the post. According to the rules and constitution of the association. Please remember that anybody wishing to apply for this post, the nominations need to be received by myself before 31st December 2016

Written by:
Nigel Mellor, Association Secretary

2nd December 2016dolphinsSmaller

Garden of Rememberance

We have received the following request from Rear Admiral Jon Westbrook CBE Chairman of the Friends of the Royal Navy Submarine Museum:

I would like to make you aware of some really good developments taking place at the Submarine Museum as it continues to tell the submarine story to an ever increasing number of visitors. I do genuinely believe that some of these developments are as a direct result of the Friends enthusiasm and direct contributions.

One specific area that the Friends have been working on is the establishment and development of a Garden of Remembrance that truly reflects the sacrifices that area of the Museum represents. I understand that there has been discussion that the Submariners Association members may consider a donation towards the Garden; I can assure you that this would be most welcome and of course would be appropriately recognised.

I do hope that this will receive favour amongst your members and would encourage them to visit the museum and Garden of Remembrance when in Gosport.

Donations should be sent to Friends of the RN Submarine Museum, Haslar Jetty Road, Gosport, PO12 2AS

Written by:
Jon Westbrook CBE

30th November 2016dolphinsSmaller

Submariner Round Robin

Many thanks to Barry Downer for his help with information, Can anyone supply any dits/stories on Cdr Julian Osborne RN, S/Lt Trenchant 54, Lt Token 58, Taent 1st Lt 59, Perisher 1961, Finwhale CO 65, Opossum CO 68, Cdr Dolphin 1970, DGNMT 1976, 1976 Xse JCE (Does anyone know what this stood for please?)
It is Cdr Osborne's 85th Birthday in a few weeks and his grandson wants to do something special for the occasion so anything nostalgic, dits, stories, reminisces from his career would be much appreciated? Unfortunately the enquiry missed the print deadline for this issue and will be too late for the January one so any information back to me would be appreciated for forwarding onto his Grandson.

Written by:
Terry Hall, Hon Secretary, Derbyshire Branch

24th November 2016dolphinsSmaller

Protect Medals and Punish Imposters.

Please see below the Select Committee Announcement concerning ‘Walter Mitty’ medal claims.

Protect Medals and Punish Imposters

Written by:
Andy Christie

22nd November 2016dolphinsSmaller

Memorial Dedication on Remembrance Day 2017

Dear Sir My name is Chris Brogan, I work with the Special Boat Service Association (SBSA) and I deal with history relating to the Special Boat Service (SBS) and their forebear units. We have been asked to get in contact with any surviving relatives of the four men listed below:

Sgt Trevor John Andrews CH/X3263

Mne Alfred Herbert George Hooper PO/X 6485

Mne Dennis William Jarvis CH/X 4883

Cpl Edward Norman Shergold PO/X 5874

These men were with the Special Boat Company (SB Coy) and were lost with the disappearance of HM Submarine Affray that occurred on 16 April 1951.

On Remembrance Day in 2017 there will be a memorial dedication at Gosport. The group organising this function is hoping to have any surviving relatives of these four men listed above to attend this dedication.

If you could help me with this request it would be appreciated and I look forward to your reply.

Written by:
Chris Brogan

10th November 2016HMS Tigress

HMS Tigris Memorial

Please find attached an invitation to all from the royal Berks Branch for a ceremony in February

Please also see Branch Events Pages


Written by:
Tom Winter, Hon Secretary, Royal Berkshire Branch

25th October 2016dolphinsSmaller

2017 Reunion

2017 Reunion, 24-26 March 2017. Holiday Inn Leicester, 129 St Nicholas Circle, Leicester, LE1 5LX. I have attached the SA Reunion circular, Application form and Menu Choice to respectfully remind you all to submit these as soon as possible, time is running out and I need to confirm the numbers. On The forms please remember to tick your choice of wine in the appropriate boxes. Please put a contact telephone number down as well so that I can contact you shouldn't be any problems.
Link to the Runion Page National Reunion
Looking forward to seeing you all there

2017 Diaries

I shall be posting out the 2017 at diaries in December. If you have not already contacted me please do so stating the number of diaries and the address you wish them to be sent to. Please do not send any payment until I ask you. I will invoice you and explain where you are to send the cheque after I have posted your diaries.

Written by:
Iain Mackenzie, Committee Member

21st October 2016

54th International Submariners Congress in the Naval Capital of Russia

Dear fellow submariners and all our friends. I would like to inform you that our "Saint-Petersburg Submariners & Naval Veterans Club" have been entrusted to hold the 54th International Submariners Congress in the Naval Capital of Russia. It will take place in St. Petersburg from the 5th to 12th of June 2017.

We have been designing an exciting and interesting program for you during your stay with us.
As well as the Naval Capital, St Petersburg is also considered to be the Cultural Capital of Russia. We would like to show you the most famous sights of the city, such as the Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac Cathedral. You will visit Peterhof museum complex and the famous Amber Room in Pushkin.

You are welcome to arrive on the 5th of June.
The cultural part of the Congress will continue for three days beginning June 6th. The Official part of the Congress will start in the evening of June 8th and according to congress tradition it will last for 4 days, ending with a traditional Gala Dinner and closing party on the 11th.
During the official part you will see St. Petersburg as a naval capital. You can visit naval fortress Kronstadt with its Naval Cathedral, the new Central Navy Museum of Russia, the legend of Russian fleet - the cruiser “Aurora”, the Narodovolets D-2 submarine and C-189 Whiskey Class submarine. We will honor the memory of fallen submariners in St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral and at the Kursk Submarine Memorial in at the Serafimovskoe Cemetery. The Congress website will provide further information on fees and other details in the nearest future. We offer you accommodation in the hotels “St .Petersburg” and “Azimut”..
We are truly excited to inform you that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has approved humanitarian visas for all the participants of the Congress. This visa type is financially more affordable and easier to obtain. Welcome aboard!

Our Club has had a long time contact with your Association. This was especially evident in 2000 when the crew of the submarine "Kursk" was tragically lost.

The British submariners were the first to aid the families of our fallen comrades. In September 2000, I attended a conference where I met some outstanding submariners: (see photos opposite) Lord Boyce, Admiral of the Fleet, Admiral Perowne, Admiral Stevens and others. The charity event, organized by Admiral Lord Boyce and Admiral Jeff Tall, was the first step in the charitable assistance to the families of the crew "Kursk". And that was only the beginning. Vice Admiral Simon Lister continued to support our organization. We hope that your Association will actively participate in our Congress!

Best regards,
Captain Igor Kurdin,

Written by:
Igor Kurdin, St. Petersburg Submariners & Naval Veterans Club



14th October 2016dolphinsSmaller

Shotley Submarine Memorial

It gives me the greatest pleasure mixed with a sense of profound relief to forward this email. I should be grateful for dissemination of this glad news around the Association.

You might wish to bear in mind that the memorial was dedicated on 26th June 1919, and that a re-dedication ceremony on the centenary might be appropriate.

Yours sincerely
Richard Channon
Captain, Royal Navy
Colchester Branch of the Submariners’ Association

Please see this note below

Just a quick note to let you know that I have been informed that the timber memorial at the Submarine Memorial in Shotley (St Mary) Chyd will be refurbished by the CWGC.

The stonework is currently in the process of being refurbished, & the wooden memorial has been surveyed, & I hope that work will be undertaken in the not too distant future. I cannot say when this will take place, but it is in hand. Kind regards,

Alan Dracup, Regional Supervisor,
Eastern Commonwealth War Graves Commission,

Written by:
Richard Channon, President, Colchester Branch

4th October 2016dolphinsSmaller

Dear Partners and Stakeholder

With the summer behind us and following a well received and very successful launch in June, Aged Veterans Counselling (AVC) in full operation! Just to reiterate, AVC  has been commissioned by the MoD to offers free counselling to any armed forces (including national service) UK veterans born before 1st January 1950, and also to their carers or relatives affected by their caring responsibilities.

We know that as the temperature plummets and the evenings darker, older people can become even more isolated and just having someone to talk to can make all the difference, therefore I am writing to you because as a partner and stakeholder I need your help to make sure nobody slips through the net.

There are two ways to arrange counselling:
1.     The easiest way is to go to the website:  Download, complete and email back our simple Counselling Application form.
2.     Alternatively one can call our 24/7 helpline number, 0300 0120 247.  We will take the callers details, and those of the veteran over the telephone, or if required we are happy to post out an application form.

Publicising the Counselling Service
At present I have two pieces of literature I can send you immediately (both attached for your perusal) to help spread the word. I’m happy to send links and logos for your website too.
Ø  An A4 8-page guide which can be given to staff, welfare officers and those working with veterans.  
Ø  An A5 4-page leaflet which can be shared with veterans themselves, their carers and relatives. They can also be publicly displayed in day centres community halls and other places where veterans and their carers meet and come for help and advice.

Please let me know how many leaflets you would like me to send you. I can also send exact quantities of leaflets out to multiple addresses across your organisation – just send me know the contact names, addresses and quantities.

Finally, I'm more than happy to come out to meetings, events etc. to brief your teams and or colleagues about the project. The service is live and I'm passionate about getting much need help to this demographic. 

Warm regards,
Aged Veterans Counselling 1.
Aged Veterans Counselling 2.

Written by:
Josephine Bey, Aged Veterans Counselling

21st September 2016dolphinsSmaller

K13 Centenary Memorial Weekend

I hope all is well with you. It is that time of year again when we have to start organising the annual K13 Memorial Weekend.It is in tended to make this K13 event particularly memorable as this is the Centenary of the incident.We are honoured to have as our principal guest for the weekend Admiral of the Fleet the Lord Boyce KG GCB OBE DL.

The event will take place over the weekend of Friday 27th January - Sunday 29th January 2017. I have attached a Timings document for the weekend which is as always subject to change at little or no notice!!.

The Weekend will in general follow the now established procedures. An addition to this is that on Sunday afternoon we will have access to a Fleet Tender so will be able to sail to the exact spot at the exact time the incident happened 100 years ago and cast a wreath on the Loch. I’m sure you all know by now that cabin accommodation is sparse within the Base but we have started already to do all that we can to get as many beds as possible.

We will also limit the number attending the Saturday evening Dinner to 100 so get your names in early and don’t miss this opportunity. As per normal I require certain information from all who will be attending at any stage during the weekend.

All those who wish to come into the Base on any of the days needs to provide the following information:
Full Name (no nicknames), Postal Address, Nationality, Date of Birth, Gender. The cost this year will be £25.00 per person. For this sum you will receive a Tot on Friday, a Punch Reception, 3 Course Dinner on Saturday evening including Red/White wine, Port and of course excellent company!! Good value for money!!! All other meals during the weekend will be pay-as-you-dine.

The West of Scotland branch look forward to hosting you and your members once again at this prestigious Weekend event and will do all that we can to ensure that you have a memorable stay with us. If you have any questions about any matter please just ask.

Timings K13 - 2017

Written by:
Peter Hearn, Hon Secretary, Barrow Branch

16th September 2016dolphinsSmaller

HMS Stickleback on it's way to Scotland

Please see the story about the departure of midget X craft HMS Stickleback from The National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth late last week to the Scottish Submarine Trust, Helensburgh. Please go to the Museum Pages on this Website:

Submarine Museum Pages

Written by:
Jacquie Shaw, Submarine Museum

11th September 2016dolphinsSmaller

HMCS Okanagan S74

Derbyshire Submariners presented our model of HMS Truculent to The Chatham Historic Ships Dockyard in a short moving ceremony.
We received the following short notice appeal which we forward if you could assist please, as I know Narwhal worked with her in the early 1970's when we both worked 'Perishers' out of Faslane, so their were officers officers and possibly RN Submariners as well as some Canuks who may have worked on her?
If you can help please reply direct to the cc addressee.

HMCS Okanagan (S74) was an Oberon-class submarine that served in the Canadian Forces (CF). She entered service in 1968 and spent the majority of her career on the east coast. The ship was paid off in 1998 and sold for scrap in 2011.

APPEAL FOR INFORMATION OR ATTENDANCE Just to follow up our conversation about Okanagan. Next Saturday (17 September) marks the 50th anniversary of her launch, and was the final submarine built here in Chatham.

Although short notice, do you think you might be able to put it out on the wires to see if there is any one who served on her might be able to come to the Dockyard next Saturday for some PR coverage. I have copied my colleague mark into this message who is looking after this.

Although a long shot, it would be great if we could get someone here. Alex If addressees could cascade out and -T- it would be appreciated to help the Chatham Maritime Trust.

Written by:
Terry Hall, Hon Secretary, Derbyshire Branch

10th September 2016dolphinsSmaller

HMS Tarpon

I work for the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) and I’m trying to track down relatives of submariners who served on HMS Tarpon when she was sunk during WW2.
As I’m sure you’re aware, the wreck has recently been filmed for Danish TV. A Sheila Summer was quoted in an article in The Guardian, her father Reginald Kellond was on board.
Do you have contact details for Sheila, or any other families of submariners who served on HMS Tarpon?
Many thanks for your help.

Charlotte Banks

Written by:
Charlotte Banks, BFBS.


6th September 2016dolphinsSmaller

Nottingham Branch New Standard Blessing

The Nottingham Branch has been raising funds over the last few years with the intention to replace the Nottingham Branch Standard. With great help from Dave Summers and family; at Dave’s funeral Dave’s family gave us £600 donation from the mourners toward the new branch standard.

The new Standard has now been purchased and we are having it blessed at our meeting place rather than in a church.

The ceremony will take place on Saturday 22 October, muster at 10:30, ceremony starts at 11:00, The Mill, Bagnall Road, Basford, Nottingham, NG6 0JY.

It would be lovely to see many of our Friends at this auspicious occasion. If you are intending to attend, you are welcome to bring your own Branch Standard. Can you please contact Mac Flowers, 07851066651, 0115 9169274 as we need to know numbers from each branch attending, and if you have any questions?

Looking forward to seeing you, and maybe have a tot or three.

All the best
Mac Flower
0115 9169274

Written by:
Paul Ellis, Hon Secretary, Nottingham Branch, Submariners Association

3rd September 2016dolphinsSmaller

LTO Reginald Lawrence Read, unofficial representative of the Submarine Service.

Puzzled—LTO- a member of the Torpedo Branch trained in general electrical work. Submarines such as the T class, had a Seaman PO (LTO), a Leading Seaman (LTO) and two Able Seaman forming the HP electrical team looking after the Main Motors batteries and Auxiliary motors etc. In about 1949 they became Electrician, Leading Electrician’s Mate and Electrician’s Mate 1st Class.

I joined the RN in 1948 as an Electrician’s Mate, trained at HMS DEFIANCE and became EM2 and the EM1 on the Howe, then in 1949 submarines. My first boat was ARTEMIS as additional EM1, trained for motor room watch keeping in the motor propulsion room.

The people I served with on ARTEMIS had all originally been Seamen, trained in the Torpedo Branch in ship’s electrical work, qualifying with the Non-Substantive rate of LTO. Where does the rating of Electrical Mechanic come into your article, never heard of this rating? Be grateful to know.

Thanks. Peter Hulme (former Electrician HMS AMPHION until 1955 then left the RN), Picture refers to POLTO HMS TRIBUNE

LTO reference removed off website and replaced with Leading Seaman Read. However, see further information: see below

I have just had it confirmed by someone  who, in 1960,  went through the process  of changing from  Electricians Mate  1st class to Electrical Mechanic . He makes clear it was not a welcome change , in fact he was at the time , quite bitter about – I think as I would be had I still been in the RN.

Electrical  Mechanics  were used in WW2 as were Wireman , to boost the numbers of electricians ( LTOs) in the Fleet and they, like Wiremen disappeared after the war . Not surprising in the case of Wiremen as they were civilian electricians with jobs to go back to . I attach  exam papers from 1945 that go a long way  determining  the situation of the RN “Electricians” in WW2. Note the high standard of questions , not a lot different from exams I had to pass .
Submarine Electrical ratings had to pass all the exams of General Service for promotion , it was just the Submarine Branch in those days and one had to be able to go back to General Service as being fully qualified in whatever rating one held --- a little different today !

On another topic I  note the that one  of the AFFRAY Memorial Plaques has it wrong  --- attached . Just before the  I had been drafted to Spare Crew and was packing to join TRUNCHEON in Scotland  when AFFRAY sailed . It was a close connection , we had been with AFFRAY on the Summer Ship Visits 1950.
I was an Electricians Mate 1st class and had one of the EM1 on AFFRAY got sick , I was next up ! In fact my fiancée , in Manchester , my wife today – was in the dentist’s chair when the news came over the radio , he knew I was in submarines and she knew I was keen to get on AFFRAY , because she supposedly going to Manchester up the Canal that summer as she had with us on ARTEMIS in 1950. Communications were not like today and a telegram had to be sent to assure her I was packing for UP NORTH! Trivia now ,but all very real at the time . Interestingly the AFFRAY was never discussed in boats –only once when I was the Electrician on AMPHION and the Chief Stoker and I were discussing getting in and out of severe angles !

Further to the Memorial error , Electrical Mechanics in WW2 did not have classes  – this I learnt from casualty lists K.I.A ---- HMS PHOEBE in particular .

Anyway if I can get people to think about the post war Electrical Branch beginnings in which I had a small part – the Naval History will have been served .In particular – convince present day electrical personnel that the Electricians of the Fleet in 1939 were trained members of a sub-section of the Torpedo Branch. You know, people  don’t realise Seaman were usually qualified ( Non-Substantive Rate)   at some level in either the Gunnery Branch or the Torpedo Branch . My basic training Instructor PO at Royal Arthur had a very low gunnery rate , yet he was a three badge PO. Well someone  had to actually be the Seamen on the ships !

Currently the Barrow Web Master is editing an article of mine about the propulsion of the last RN diesel submarine UPHOLDER , then at 86 its time to step back and just read  the paper and enjoy the sun.

LTO Exam Paper 1

LTO Exam Paper 2

AFFRAY Memorial

Written by:
Peter. D. Hulme, Submariners Association

27th August 2016dolphinsSmaller

Documentary Series

I am contacting you  regarding a new television documentary series. I work at a television production company called TwoFour and am currently working on a new series set in Europe. I’d like to know whether anyone who works at your organisation or any of the ex-forces individuals you support might be interested in being involved.

To tell you a little about the Twofour Group, we produce a huge variety of high end, award-winning TV programmes for all major broadcasters, both in the UK and worldwide.  We have worked closely with Clarence House and the MOD for Harry’s Arctic Heroes (BBC1), the NHS for Student Nurses: Bedpans and Bandages (ITV) and the Royal Marines for Royal Marine Commando School (Channel 4). Other projects include the Emmy and BAFTA award-winning Educating Yorkshire for Channel 4, and BBC2’s ratings hit The Real Marigold Hotel.
I am currently working on a brand new series for a major broadcaster. We are looking for single men and women between the ages of 35 and 65 to leave the UK and move to rural Europe for the chance to road test their dreams of moving abroad.
We are looking for individuals who are seriously considering selling up and starting a new life in the sun to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As such, we are looking to spread the word far and wide, so that any individuals who are in a position where they are dreaming of and/or planning a move abroad can get in touch with us and potentially take part in the series. We would be delighted to involve any ex-military personnel who are hoping to realise their dream of moving abroad and we would be more than happy to have a chat with anyone who would like to know more.
Attached are two flyers – one is A5, the other is A6. Please feel free to forward these on, print them off or post them up online if you think it appropriate. Alternatively, I can send you some hard copies.

If you have any questions about the series please don’t hesitate to give me a call, my direct line is
0207 427 8464

Many thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Flyer A5
Flyer A6

Written by:
Deborah Brougham, TwoFour


27th August 2016dolphinsSmaller

Armed Forces Day

the AFD Date is Saturday 24th June 2017, in Liverpool initial contact details re contained in the link below

Armed Forces Day 2017

Written by:
Chris Freeth, Committee Member, Submariners Association

12th August 2016dolphinsSmaller

Information Required on HM S/M Tarpon

HMS Tarpon 10 April 1940 - Sunk in North Sea by German Q ship Schiff 40. HMS Tarpon was probably the first British submarine to be lost to depth charges in WW2.
On 5th April 1940 HMS Tarpon left Portsmouth for Rosyth in company with HMS Severn. The following day they were ordered to Norway. Why? HMS Tarpon Mission?
On the 10th Tarpon was signalled to take up a new position. Why?
Post War German records showed that Tarpon attacked the Q-ship Schiff 40 at 0724: the first torpedo missed as did a second. The Q-ship picked up the Tarpon on her sonar, depth charges were dropped. Finally at 1252 a pattern of depth charges brought wreckage to the surface. Do we have image?
Is there any person who know more about the this submarine? what happen?
do we have a map showing the last sailing route?
Is there some background info about the captain Herbert James Caldwell?
letters during the mission?, family, any descendants?
Do we know if it sank with survivors?
Do we have images of:
HMS Tarpon.
Herbert James Caldwell or other on the submarine?
German Q ship Schiff 40?

I know - a lot of ? but will like to make a good tv doc. about it.

Kind Regards

Lars Ostenfeld
Danish Broadcasting Corporation
DR Byen
Emil Holms Kanal 20, opg.1-4 fl
DK-0999 Copenhagen C

Asylgade 2
2800 Lyngby

+45 31102843

Written by:
Lars Ostenfeld, Danish Broadcasting Corporation

7th August 2016dolphinsSmaller

HM S/M Porpoise Reunion

In June 1982 HMS/M Porpoise entered Portsmouth Harbour at the end of her final commission after 24 years service. 
Affectionately known as “the Punchy P” for reasons which remain a mystery even today, Porpoise’s last commission was as a target boat running out of the Clyde Submarine Base and for a large, and probably the best, part of the that commission under the command of Lt Commander Niall “Chuckles” Kilgour – who despite commanding Porpoise went on the a long and distinguished Naval Career.

2017 will mark 35 years since the Porpoise decommissioned for the final time and it seems only fitting that we should mark the occasion with a reunion and where better to do so than the site of many an eventful runs ashore – Helensburgh!

We have selected the weekend commencing Friday 16th of June 2017 – it would be great to see former members of the ships company (any commission) and drink a shed load of beer to mark the occasion.
So far we have in excess of 20 former “Porpoisites” signed up and have also secured the attendance of Admiral Niall “Chuckles” Kilgour who is also tracking down other members of his illustrious wardroom – Ron Gordon has also confirmed his intention to attend.

We need to know well in advance if you want to attend and will need us to try and identify some suitable – or unsuitable accommodation for you.
Please contact either Richard Sawkins or Stuart Brown via the Submariners Association or via the Porpoise Facebook page for more information.

Written by:
Stuart Brown, Committee Member, Submariners Association

7th August 2016dolphinsSmaller

Scottish Veterans Residences


I have just received this e-mail and attachments and I think it should receive the widest possible distribution in our area. The two Scottish branches of the Association and the Messes within Neptune. This is a group I have never heard of before and I think it may be of interest to many people. I would therefore be very grateful if you could distribute this to every outlet you can think of. Very many thanks.


Self Referral

3rd Party Support Referral

Thanks for your help.

Written by:
Jim Mcmaster, Chairman, Submariners Association

7th August 2016dolphinsSmaller

Seeking Information


January 2017 will be the 100th Anniversary of the Submarine K13 accident in the Gareloch.  Every year the West of Scotland branch of the SA commemorate this event with Memorial Services and wreath laying in Faslane cemetery at the graves of those who died that day and also at the Memorial in Elder Park in Govan. 
This accident resulted in the death of 25 Submariners and 7 civilian employees of Fairfield Engineers.
This has become a major event not only on our calendar but also that of HM Naval Base Clyde who give us enormous help and support.  The Memorial Weekend events are attended not only by many members of the Association from lots of branches but by RASM and Senior Naval Officers and local dignitaries.  We also have families of some of those who died that day attend too.
Through the years we have amassed a tremendous amount of information surrounding the incident and subsequent events since but there are still gaps in our knowledge and I am hoping that someone out there can provide us with some answers.  The questions are:

1     The Navy 'stopped doing K 13', on the 50th anniversary in 1967, what did the Navy 'do' before this date? I'd be grateful for any information regarding Naval involvement in the ceremony.

2    Did the service ever take place at Rhu Church?

3.    A gentleman called Sidney Horace Glazebrook regularly visited Faslane Cemetery, he was in the Submarine Service between 1922 - 1927, does anybody have any information about him?

If you can shed any light on any of these questions or have relevant information on any aspect of the K13 incident please contact:
Keith Hall directly on
If you know of contact details of any of the families/relatives of those who died that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

Written by:
Jim Mcmaster, Chairman, Submariners Association

The Notices that follow, sent for inclusion on the Website, will be held for approximately 3 months. Documents in PDF format or Photographs maybe shown.
Please click the below link for a PDF version of the Notices for Secretaries/Branch Meetings

Notices in PDF

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