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Official Newsletter of the Submariners Association

Patron: Admiral of the Fleet Lord Boyce KG GCB OBE DL

Issue No: 61 | July 2018

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Hello everyone from Sunny Barrow-in-Furness!

I hope you are all well? I must thank all those who have sent in contributions for this Issue. Dave Barlow sent in a report about this year’s VANDAL & UNTAMED Memorial services and Sandy Powell has sent in a report about the latest Blue Plaque unveiling for Submariner Victoria Cross winners – this time for Lieutenant Peter Scawen Watkinson Roberts VC, DSC, RN of Submarine HMS THRASHER. Peter Roberts was a well-deserved recipient of the VC along with his fellow crew member Petty Officer Gould VC – they both truly put their lives on the line in removing unexploded bombs from under the Casing of their Submarine whilst in enemy waters.

There is news of the newly established Submarine Delivery Agency and of an order to BAe Systems for the seventh Astute Class Submarine – to be called AGINCOURT - and an order for Rolls Royce for the Reactors for the Dreadnought Class boats. Babcock has won an order for maintenance of the Canadian Victoria Class boats – better known to us as the Upholders. By the way did you see that BAE have won an order from Australia for nine Type 26 destroyers – to be built in Australia – but the first overseas order for a British design warship for a number of years!

This year – in case you didn’t know is the Year of Engineering and there are a couple of reports for you to read and also an item about the Submarine Annual Conference in HM Naval Base Clyde.

Barrow in Furness put on an Armed Forces Parade in June with participants from AUDACIOUS and ANSON, Veterans Associations and Service Cadet Organisations.

You might be interested to read about a Taiwanese Submarine about to undergo a refit which will see her still in service until her 80th Birthday!

I have included all the regular items – New & Re-joining Members, Submariners ‘Crossed the Bar’, Submarine Casualties of WWI and the next Chapter of ‘K26 – The Steam Submarine’. Plus, there are four titles in the Book Review section this time. That’s enough from me for now! I’m sure you will find something of interest to read whilst you are busy sun-bathing! Comments and suggestions on content are always welcome - but why not send in your story? All Submariners have at least one to tell!

Barrie Downer


Issue No. 62 of IN DEPTH is due for publication on 1st October 2018.

Contributions for the next Issue should be with the Editor by 15th September 2018 to ensure your story/article is considered.

Chairman’s Report

Friends and Fellow Submariners,

I hope as you are reading this you are thoroughly enjoying the marvellous weather and taking the opportunity to bask in the warmth of this unusually constant but welcome summer sun.

Since last writing my Comments for this worthy Newsletter the NMC have been busy doing all that was necessary to ensure that we as an Association were fully compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). In the weeks and months leading up to the June deadline for the implementation of this up-date to the Data Protection Act the media and the country in general seemed to go into a tail-spin with ill-founded and seriously over-exaggerated tales of woe for anyone not complicit. This was despite the numerous reports that small organisations like ours would not be greatly affected by the new rules. However, we produced our Privacy Policy and Privacy Notice and distributed these documents to all branch secretaries. They in-turn should have informed you of the content of these notices to ensure your peace-of-mind regarding the safeguarding of your personal details held by the Association. These important documents were produced after a great deal of research and work by David Woolterton (SA Membership Secretary), Stuart Brown (Beds & Herts Branch) and Les Catlin (Gosport Branch) - the contribution from these three gentlemen cannot be overstated and we are very grateful for their diligence and commitment.

I would like to take this opportunity to assure all members that under no circumstances will your personal contact details (or any other details held by the Association) be passed on to a third party without your explicit agreement. Neither will it be published on the Web Site without your agreement. The NMC take this matter very seriously which is why we are very disappointed that at the time of writing less than half of all branch secretaries have returned the SA Secretary Permission Form which states whether you give permission for your contact details to published on the Web Site. Please complete this Form and return it immediately. It is very important that you make your feelings known.

Every year, throughout the year, awards and presentations take place in the submarine world. Accolades and demonstrations of appreciation for service rendered or achievements reached and the clear majority of these are carried out without the general submarine family being made aware of the accomplishments. So, to address this ‘failing’ a Submarine Awards Night (Submarine Oscars) was introduced in 2017 and turned out to be a great success. So much so that it will now be an established annual event.

In September 2018 the annual Submarine Oscars Night will be held in the Double Tree Hotel in Glasgow. This looks to be a fabulous night and full details will be published and distributed when completed. So, do you have anyone in your branch who deserves an award? Remember we have the Patrons Commendation and the Presidents Certificate of Appreciation awards available through the Association. Details of the guidelines and procedure for these two prestigious awards can be had from your branch secretary or the NMC.

The Submarine VC Blue Plaque initiative is still rolling on and the next Blue Plaque unveiling will take place in Northern Ireland on Saturday 22 September. This plaque is dedicated to Leading Seaman James Joseph Magennis VC, RN and will be mounted on the RNA Club building situated on Great Victoria Street Belfast. There will be a celebratory dinner held on the Saturday evening in the Wellington Park Hotel. Our thanks and appreciation go to Frank ‘Sandy’ Powell (NMC & Lincoln Branch) for all his hard work and commitment in bringing this to fruition.

I would remind you all that the annual Service of Remembrance (AKA Embankment Parade) will take place on Sunday 4 November in the gardens of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple. Wreaths will be ceremoniously laid at the constructed Drumhead Altar and on completion of the Service they will be paraded to the National Submarine War Memorial which is situated immediately across the road from the gardens. Full details will be distributed nearer the date. I look forward to seeing you all there to pay tribute to our colleagues who have gone before us.

Details of our annual Reunion will be published and distributed soon. I would encourage you to return your booking forms and menu choices as early as possible to avoid any disappointment.

During the Reunion Weekend we hold our annual National Council Conference (NCC) which is an opportunity for YOU to debate and decide how our Association is managed and run so don’t forget that all Nominations and Proposals should be in writing and in the hands of the National Secretary by 31 December. Remember that the NMC has no power of veto over any Proposal so long as they are not time-barred, do not offend, and are clearly written – and in the event of any of these occurring we would advise the author accordingly.

I hope this glorious weather continues and all of us have a summer to remember. Don’t forget that as submariners, the sun is not our natural environment so get the Factor 50 splashed all over and stay protected! Stay safe, stay cool, stay hydrated.

Keep on Keeping on.

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InDepth Newsletter

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InDepth Newsletter

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