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Patron: Admiral of the Fleet Lord Boyce KG GCB OBE DL

Issue No: 57 | July 2017




Welcome to ‘In Depth’ No. 57.  The front-page photo this time was taken at the unveiling of the Blue Plaque for Malcolm Wanklyn V.C. – a full report on this event has been provided by Frank ‘Sandy’ Powell.

I have been able to include all the regular items in this issue.  The second part of the new Serialised Story on the Steam Submarine K.26 in the Mediterranean continues with a ‘walk through’ of K26. – Not quite sure how the Part III process worked in those days but the article gives a good overview of a ‘Steam’ Submarine.

The lists of ‘New and Returning Members’ is included as usual as is the ‘Crossed the Bar’ Lists.  This time, as well as names advised to the Association, the ‘Other Submariners Crossed the Bar List’ includes names from the ‘We Remember Submariners’ website and the Navy News.

Don’t forget that when reporting Members ‘Crossed the Bar’ that there is an ‘On Line’ Form for reporting Members and Submariners who have ‘Crossed the Bar’ on the Association Website.  I have tested this and it works but please remember to include as much information as possible – i.e. Date, Age, Full Name, Rank/Rating, Service Number, Dates Served & Submarines served in.  This helps when dealing with the more common surnames – Smith, Jones, Jones, Williams etc.

I have included a number of items about the ongoing update of the Barrow Shipyard – preparing there for the DREADNOUGHT Class programme, the Roll Out and Lunch of HMS AUDACIOUS.

Andy Knox has sent in an update on the preparations at Faslane for the arrival of rest of the Astute Class, the ‘T’ Class boats from Devonport and the Dreadnought Class.  The Barrow News includes the success of the TS SOVEREIGN Sea Cadets winning the prestigious Canada Trophy.

Three Books are reviewed this month.

There is an item about HMS TORBAY and another about a Submariner being airlifted from an RN Submarine off Ireland.

Hopefully you will find something of interest.  As ever please read and enjoy.  Comments are always acceptable – but polite ones only!

Barrie Downer

IN DEPTH No. 58 
Issue No. 58 of IN DEPTH is due for publication on 1st October 2017.  Contributions for the next Issue should be with the Editor by 15th September 2017 to ensure your story/article is considered.  Please note my new E Mail address of

Chairman’s Report

Friends and Fellow Submariners,

It's here again, the summer!  Or at least, our version of the summer!  I hope all of you get the opportunity to bask in the sun at some time even if you have to go abroad for the experience.  Up here in the west of Scotland we just get on with things on a daily basis and have no illusions about impending heat-waves.  No worries for us about hose pipe bans or the like!  Enough of this.

Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel

I am delighted to inform you that the Raffle held at the Reunion Dinner this year was a total success in as much as it raised (and more) the target sum of money to allow us to sponsor a chair in the Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel in Pangbourne.  The Chapel is situated within the grounds of Pangbourne College near Reading, Berkshire.  Although there were no submariners killed during the Falklands War we most certainly played a major role in the event therefore we felt the chair to be appropriate.  The chair will bear a plaque stating "Donated by the Submariners Association in memory of all those who did not return".  The small sum of extra money raised by the raffle and impromptu auction which took place was donated to local charities.  Well done and 'thank you' to everyone who donated and contributed to this worthy cause.

Lt. Cdr. M. D. Wanklyn VC DSO** RN

As part of the Submariners Association initiative the seventh Blue Plaque commemorating a Submariner Victoria Cross recipient was placed at Knockinaam Lodge, Portpatrick, Stranraer on Saturday 3rd June 2017.

Approximately 50 guests, which included the Lord Lieutenant of Wigtownshire Mr. John Ross CBE, DL Esq.; the Leader of Dumfries and Galloway Council Cllr. Elaine Murray; Lieutenant Commander & Mrs. Orr-Ewing, members of the staff of Knockinaam Lodge and members of the Wanklyn family, joined veteran and serving submariners including the President of the Submariners Association, Rear Admiral Niall Kilgour CB; the Chairman Mr. Jim McMaster and the West of Scotland and Belfast Standards for the ceremony.  The event was also enhanced by a contingent of serving submariners from HMNB Clyde who formed the honour guard.  A full report on this prestigious event can be found in this issue of In Depth.

Westminster Abbey Service of Remembrance

By now you should all have read in the Minutes of the last NMC meeting that for the very first time we, the NMC, will not hold our regular meeting on the afternoon of Saturday 4th November but instead will leave the afternoon free to allow those who wish, to attend the Service of Remembrance held in the West Cloisters of the Westminster Abbey.  The Garden of Remembrance and the Service conducted at the site of the Submarine Memorial Statue of Leading Seaman Read should have NMC attendance and in future it will.  Details of these events, times etc. will be promulgated to everyone in due course.  The NMC will hold its meeting early on the Saturday evening to finalise the details of our own Embankment Service of Remembrance which will take place on Sunday 5 November in the gardens of Middle Temple again.  Details of this our most important annual event will be distributed to all branches in plenty of time.

Voting procedures at future NCCs

Another item you will have spotted in the NMC Minutes is the intention to recommend a change to the voting procedures at future National Council Conferences.

There are several options for us to consider on how we can change the voting procedures at Conference.  It was felt that there are two parts to this matter.  One being how we vote for the election of officers and secondly how we vote for proposals and recommendations from branches.  A paper will be written by Keith Bishop and Nigel Mellor to start work on this and the NMC will hold video conferences to move this forward so that we can have a Recommendation ready to go out for all branches to discuss before Conference 2018.

Payment of Annual 'Subs' by Direct Debit

Over the past 18 months or so our National Treasurer Ian Atkinson, ably assisted by Keith Bishop, has worked tirelessly to bring our accounts up to the very high and demanding standard expected by our members.  They have been totally successful in this quest and our Accounts are more transparent, comprehensive and comprehensible than just about any similar group's set of accounts you could find.  Part of their work has been to instigate a very simple and secure method of payment of annual 'subs' using Direct Debit. 

Now my expertise in all things computer based is well known!!  I am, to be honest, - an 'innocent abroad' in matters associated with 21st century technology!!  So who better than me to be a 'guinea pig' and trial the new payment method.

I can tell you, hand on heart, that it took less than two minutes to locate and complete the process of paying by DD.  Honestly!!  Furthermore, no money will be taken from my account without me receiving prior notification.  This method of payment makes life so much simpler for the National Treasurer and the Branch Treasures and I would seriously urge you to discuss this method of payment with either of these two men.

Association Web Site

Have you all had an opportunity to brows the new Web Site?  Are you happy with the way things work?  Can you find the bits you are looking for?  Is the content what you would want, or have you any suggestions for other items?  Do you find it to be 'user friendly'?  I know that the Web Master David 'Shep' Woolterton would be very pleased to hear your feedback and suggestions so please contact him with any comments you may have.  And remember, sometimes it is nice to say something nice!!

I'll let you get on with your summer now.  Don't forget the sun screen!!  Drink plenty of water!!  And don't forget those members who for whatever reason can't get out to enjoy the good weather!!

In the meantime

Keep on Keeping on.

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