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Patron: Admiral of the Fleet Lord Boyce KG GCB OBE DL

Issue No: 55 | January 2017

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Welcome to ‘In Depth’ No. 55 and to another New Year. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that your New Year Celebrations went well. This Edition is slightly later than anticipated but it took a bit longer to put it all together and to try and make sure that I hadn’t missed anything out. This month will see K13 Memorial Weekend at Faslane. which will be 100 years on from the K13 accident and this will be a special Commemoration including ceremonies at the Elderslie Memorial, the Garelochhead Cemetery and a sea borne Commemoration over the spot where the K13 sank. I have had quite a few contributions to include this time – there are further details on the integration of the RN Submarine Museum within the National Museum of the Royal Navy, a report on the Blue Plaque commemorating Lieutenant Richard Sandford, VC and details of plans to continue the restoration of the Shotley Submarine Memorial. I have included more information about recent developments in the Barrow Shipyard and the ‘Successor’ preparations – the ‘Successor’ Submarines will be the ‘Dreadnought’ Class with the First of Class being named HMS DREADNOUGHT and the first steel has been cut. The next ‘Astute’ Class Submarine HMS AUDACIOUS has now been formally named by her Sponsor Lady Jones and should be going into the water this year. The Barrow Shipyard has a new Managing Director – Will Blamey has recently been announced to take over from Tony Johns who, you may recall, wrote an article on the Shipyard for In Depth No 53 The serialisation of Henry Kinder’s diary of his time as a prisoner of War in Turkey is continued. We are almost at the end of the Diary – possibly one more article is possible. Henry Kinder’s Diary does not continue to the end of WWI and his return home – it is not known whether he stopped writing or whether part of his diaries have been lost. The article about Submarine and Submariner Losses in WWI is continued. Two new books are reviewed which you may find interesting. One is Chas Cooke’s recollections of life in both Conventional and Nuclear Submarines. The other is the story of David Balme who recovered an Enigma Machine plus codes and ciphers from a disable U-Boat in mid Atlantic – a story which remained a secret for nearly fifty years after the event! Finally I have included details about a new ‘Official’ Submarine Watch and the new ‘Official’ Submarine Tartan and how to order them. Please read and enjoy. Comments are always acceptable – but polite ones only!

Barrie Downer

IN DEPTH NO 56 Issue No. 56 of IN DEPTH is due for publication on 1st April 2017. Contributions for the next Issue should be with the Editor by 15th March 2017 to ensure your story/article is considered.

Cover Picture: An X-Craft Arrives in Helensburgh from IWM Duxford to be the centrepiece of the Helensburgh Submarine Museum

Chairman’s Report

Friends and Fellow Submariners, So here it is already! The start of a new year and the last one seems to have just flashed past. Where does the time go? By the time you are reading this I assume that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is now behind you and the memories of feeling totally bloated after excessive eating and drinking are fading. I hope all of you had an enjoyable and memorable Christmas and I wish each and every one of you a safe, happy and prosperous New Year. Since last putting 'pen to paper' we all mustered in Middle Temple Gardens for our Annual Service of Remembrance. This most important day in our calendar just gets bigger and bigger and that is to be encouraged. It is great to see so many Serving and Non-Serving Submariners gather together to pay our respects to our colleagues who have gone before us - the guys who earned the reputation we enjoy. It is good to see that we are now attracting representatives from foreign Submarine Services to our Embankment Parade, like the USA and French this year. I believe that there were almost 250 Serving Submariners present, a number which also seems to increase year after year. Although I believe that the event was a great success and Middle Temple Gardens lends itself very well to our needs I am aware of the things which we need to improve if everyone is to enjoy the Service. The sound system is totally inadequate and has been for the past two years! We were assured by people who know about these things that the equipment we had was suitable for our purpose - we now know that this is just not true. We are already taking steps to source a system which will ensure that everyone can hear the service wherever they are standing within the Gardens. This year the Middle Temple Hall was booked by another customer and we therefore had no access. This meant that there was a drastic shortage of toilet facilities and we apologize for this failing. This is unacceptable and it will not happen again. I would like to thank you all for the feedback on the Embankment Parade, it is appreciated and we do all that we can to correct things where we can. Judging from the ever increasing number attending the Embankment Parade I know that you all, like me, place great importance on remembering and respecting our comrades who have Crossed the Bar, so with that I mind I seek your help. I would like to put together a calendar of all Memorial Service which take place throughout the year. Just about every branch holds regular Memorial Services and I would like to know about them. So if you are involved in or know about a submarine related memorial event please contact me and I will put it on a calendar which will be available to everyone. In this way we may be able to encourage others to attend including the Serving community. After all it is their heritage too! So even if it is just a small personal service or a large event I want to know. My contact details are on the front of this News Letter. Now I know that you have been asked for this information before by others but I will ensure that it happens this time if you work with me. Most of you will know by now that Ted Hogben has resigned from the post of National Vice Chairman because of ill health. Ted has been a member of the NMC and its predecessor for many years and has dedicated a lot of his spare time to ensuring that the Association was sustainable and run in a proper manner. His input will be greatly missed, but thankfully he will still be active but in a more relaxed manner! I know you will all join me in thanking Ted and wishing him well. Please respect his privacy and allow him time to adjust to his changing circumstances. The role of Vice Chairman will be carried out on a temporary basis by Iain Mackenzie until a new incumbent is elected at the forthcoming National Council Conference in March. Iain has a lot of experience serving on the NMC and brings a lot of enthusiasm to the role. Our thanks go to him for volunteering to take on this important function. This year at the NCC there will be a new Vice Chairman elected and as you all know there will be two posts on the NMC available. There are two posts available on the NMC EVERY year! This is your opportunity to step up to the plate and make your mark! Come and join us and ensure that the Association is developing in a manner that you feel it should. We need new ideas from new members. Put your name forward to the National Secretary by 31 December and you will be eligible. A short CV will help members to decide if you are the man they want! Remember it is not the NMC who choose you - it is the membership who decide by their votes. By now all of you will have the relevant information regarding the Annual Reunion which will take place in Leicester in 2017 on the weekend of 24 - 26 March. Don't leave booking your accommodation until the last minute. Get your requirements in now to Iain Mackenzie to ensure you get exactly what you require. Time for me to stop now. I would like to take this opportunity to wish every one of you a very Happy New Year. I wish you all that you wish for yourself. Lang may your lum reek! Finally, I would just like to share with you some advice sent to me by our Northern Ireland colleagues who are well known for their Gallic wisdom and philosophy. This piece of wisdom is well worth remembering!

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I look forward to meeting up with you all at the NCC and Reunion. In the meantime, stay well and wrap up for the coming winter!
Keep on Keeping on.

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