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Official Newsletter of the Submariners Association

Patron: Admiral of the Fleet Lord Boyce KG GCB OBE DL

Issue No: 56 | April 2017

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Welcome to ‘In Depth’ No. 56. The front page photo this time is the group photo taken at the recent Reunion – see if you can recognise one of your Branch Members. I have been able to include all the regular items in this issue but you will see that there is a new Serialised Article. As I reported last time the Kinder Diary stopped short of the end of his time as a Prisoner of War in Turkey. The new Serial moves on into the 1930s with reminiscences of serving in the Steam Submarine K.26 in the Mediterranean Dave Ottley has sent in a Submarine Museum Update following the February meeting of the ‘Friends of The Submarine Museum’. I have included articles this time about a new Memorial in Shetland to Submarine E49 – lost in 1917, a service to mark the loss of HM S/M TIGRIS in 1943, the recent K13 Centenary Commemorations at Faslane, the TS RESOLUTION BZ Awards and the progress with the Helensburgh Heritage Centre & X-51. Chris Freeth sent in an item about the Conference of Naval Associations (CONA) which you may find useful. As well as the lists of ‘New and Returning Members’ an the ‘Crossed the Bar’ there are several Obituaries in this Issue including Captain Tom Le Marchand of HMS VALIANT, Adam Bergius of XE-4, Mod Scientist Win Jones and SM6 Engineer Jeff Webb. As ever please read and enjoy. Comments are always acceptable – but polite ones only!

Barrie Downer

In Issue 55 I included a picture of the Helensburgh X-Craft on the front page. I gave credit for donation of this craft to the Imperial War Museum. George Malcolmson at the NMRN tells me that the X-Craft was, in fact, transferred from IWM to the NMRN some time ago and Bob Mealings (Head of Collections at the NMRN) had organised the transfer to Helensburgh on behalf of the NMRN. I am pleased to make this clear. Also, I was advised, after the release of Issue 55, that the Sir Winston Churchill quotation “The Submariner” was missing – I have made sure that it has returned to its proper place.

Issue No. 57 of IN DEPTH is due for publication on 1st July 2017. Contributions for the next Issue should be with the Editor by 15th June 2017 to ensure your story/article is considered.

Cover Picture:Group Group Photograph 2017 Annual Reunion (Copyright: Patrick Donovan Photography)

Chairman’s Report

Friends and Fellow Submariners, I hope and trust that everyone who attended this year's Annual Reunion and National Council Conference (NCC) had a pleasant and uneventful trip home. The Annual Reunion and the NCC were held in the Holiday Inn Leicester this year. This is the second time that we have used this hotel and this time round was every bit as successful as the previous visit in 2015. I would like to thank all of people who went out of their way to tell me just how much they enjoyed the event. The fact that the hotel and hotel staff were very welcoming and ever present ready to satisfy our requests only served to enhance the weekend. Perhaps the bit that won it over was when those who made it down to Saturday breakfast discovered that eternal favourite breakfast of the submarine fraternity S**t on a raft!! Excreta Kon Tiki for our Wardroom colleagues!! The hotel chef became a legend!! The lead organiser for Reunions is Iain Mackenzie assisted by Dave Barlow so I think a big BZ goes to them from all of us. There were 184 members and their wives at the event and our principle guest was Rear Admiral John Weale OBE RASM and his wife Julie. Also attending were Admiral Sir James Perowne KBE with Lady Nicola, Rear Admiral Niall Kilgour CB and his wife Janie and Commodore Jim Perks OBE DRASM and his wife Louise. The Friday evening carvery followed by entertainment was a success and enjoyed by all. Saturday morning started with a church service conducted by our Association Chaplain, Rev Paul Jupp during which Branch Standards were 'laid-up' and then the Roll Call of the 65 colleagues who have Crossed the Bar since our last Reunion. This was followed by the NCC. There were 33 Branch delegates present for this important event as well as many more Observers. I would like to point out that although Observers do not take part in the various debates they do have an important role to play in that they ensure that an accurate account of what went on is taken back to their branch members. The NCC allows every branch the opportunity to have a say in how the Association is run by encouraging them to make Proposals to change or amend any aspect of the Rules and Constitution. These proposals are debated and then a vote taken. It should be noted that the NMC does not take part in any debate but does offer advice when requested so you can be sure that any changes are entirely the will of the membership. This year there were only three Proposals submitted for debate. A full account of the discussions and the voting will be contained in the Minutes of this meeting and they will be published as soon as possible, however I will give a brief overall description her on how matters proceeded. Proposal Number 1 was from the Sunderland, it stated: "We propose that a nominal sum of £1.00 per member should be donated annually to the Submarine Memorial Fund administered by the Royal Naval Benevolent Fund." After detailed discussions between the above personnel, delegates and the National Treasurer this Proposal was withdrawn. Full details of the debate and reasons for withdrawal will be in the Minutes. Proposal No.2 was from the Dolphin branch, it stated: That an additional Paragraph to Clause 4 is added – Subscriptions Clause 4 (f) A member will be deemed to be a life member in the year that they reach the age of 90 and exempt from paying National Subscriptions, providing that they have been a member for 10 years. This was debated and carried by a substantial majority which exceeded the 2/3 majority required for a change to the Rules and Constitution. Proposal No. 3 was from Blackpool branch, it stated: We wish to propose the Association has an appointed Welfare Officer, at National Level to liaise and assist Branch level issues and help ensure the right assistance and guidance given. This would also further ensure that such organisations ethics are overseen and audited at National level in line with the Submarine Service and Submariners Association objectives alongside other Associations such as SAFFA and the British Legion. Once again a lively debate took place and when all who wished to had said their piece a vote was taken. A very substantial vote against this Proposal means that it was not carried. As always, delegates and Observers conducted themselves in a very commendable manner and I thank them for that. The office of National Vice Chairman was part of the confidential postal vote. There were two names submitted for this important position. Iain Mackenzie and Frank Powell. I can inform you that Iain Mackenzie won this vote by the narrowest of margins and I look forward to working with him in the coming months. Each year two places on the NMC are available. This year three members volunteered to fill these vacancies. Frank Pas and Frank Powell were up for re-election with Andy Morgan being the third candidate. I am pleased to tell you that Frank Pas and Frank Powell were both re-elected. Well done to both. However because Iain Mackenzie was elevated to the post of Vice Chairman this left a further vacancy on the NMC so Andy Morgan will take up this post. I would like to thank everyone who had the commitment and courage to put themselves forward to do their best to work towards the continued success and sustainability of the Association. Their enthusiasm and selflessness is an example to us all and I look forward to working with all four in the future. I know they will bring lots of new ideas and suggestions to the NMC meetings. As I said previously, full details of the debates and voting will be in the NCC Meeting Minutes. RASM requested an opportunity to speak to the Delegates and did so towards the end of the meeting. He explained his vision for the future of the Submarine Service and the Association stating that he would like to have and will strive to achieve better and fuller integration between the two - culminating in the Submarine Division! This could be widened to include other such Groups/Associations who qualified by being fully qualified Submariners. This in time could even stretch to affiliations with Sea Cadets Corps etc who express an interest in such a group. RASM is passionate about collaboration with the Association and Serving Submariners and demonstrates this by writing to every submariner encouraging them to join the Submariners Association. I fully endorse these ideals and will do all that I can to bring them to fruition. We know that this is a long-term initiative but with the good will and co-operation of all concerned it can come about. Eventually it will be the most natural progressive step - pass the Part three, join the SA. Let me hopefully allay any fears by stating that the criteria for Full Membership will not be diluted. It will remain exactly as it is today. As stated in the Rules & Constitution Clause 3(a)(i)(ii)(iii). I firmly believe that now is the time when we should strive to rid ourselves of the misconception that we are a group for Veterans. We are a group for ALL submariners, Serving and Non-Serving. We must embrace this initiative and move forward as one into the 21st century All Honorary, Associate and Affiliated groups and members will be considered on a case-by-case application. On completion of the NCC we joined with the fine naval tradition of Up Spirits! Who does not enjoy a tot? Once 'Queen's' was passed the afternoon was free to do what we do best - socialise. The town centre was only across the road so wives were able to enjoy what they do best too! An important event in the Reunion has always been the group photograph. It was no different this year and we mustered for that. Patrick 'Donny' Donovan from the Basingstoke branch took the group photo and so many more excellent pictures during the weekend. Many of which can be seen on our Website. Many thanks to Donny for this. The Saturday evening meal was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The dinner with wine and port was of a very high standard as were the toasts and responses from our guests. The whole meal was a success. I would like to thank everyone for my birthday gift and balloons!! It made my 70th birthday one to remember. I just wish that I could!!! Sunday morning we returned Branch standards at the church service and we all made our way home. Thank you to everyone who attended and played their part in what I believe was a very successful and enjoyable weekend. The next big event, probably the biggest and certainly the most important is the Embankment Parade on Sunday 5th November. This will take place once again in the gardens of Middle Temple. Please be assured that we have listened to the feedback from last year and we have taken steps to ensure that this year things will improve. We have a brand new sound system and we will have access to the Middle Temple Hall so toilets will be available. Please make the effort to attend this tribute to our colleagues who have gone before us. I hope by now most of you will have seen our new Web Site. Mike Kemp has stepped down from the role of Web Master and we thank him for his years of work on our behalf and wish him well for the future. The new Web Master is David 'Shep' Woolterton (Basingstoke Branch) and he has revamped the website making it dynamic, interesting and user-friendly. We are very grateful to Shep for taking on this role. If you have any suggestions for items to be included on the website then please get in touch with Shep. He needs to know what YOU want to see on YOUR Web Site. I will now sign off and let you all get on with your life now. I look forward to meeting up with you all again soon and at the Embankment Parade. In the meantime
Keep on Keeping on.

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