Victoria Cross Blue Plaques

Victoria Cross Blue Plaques

The suggestion of installing Commemorative Blue Plaques at the former home or relevant building for our Submariner recipients of the Victoria Cross was first put to the National Management Committee early in 2012.
Very little debate was required as every member of the NMC felt that this was a very worthy initiative so the decision was taken to install a Blue Plaque for each of our 14 Victoria Cross holders. We believe that this tribute is a fitting reminder to all who see the Plaques that the Submarine Service although relatively a very small part of the Royal Navy has more than it’s fair share of heroes. The extensive and detailed research for each recipient as well as seeking permission from local councils and present-day occupiers of the relevant buildings is carried out by Frank ‘Sandy’ Powell.

Lt Cdr Edward Courtney Boyle VC


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Lt Cdr Martin Eric Nasmith VC


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Lt Cdr Geoffrey Saxton White VC


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Lt Norman Holbrook VC


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Lt Richard Douglas Sandford VC


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