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The Submariners Association.

Objectives of the Association
To promote and support the RN Submarine Service and its heritage.
To Foster the friendships and comradeship peculiar to all submariners so that they may continue to share the experiences and associations, and to keep alive that pride in the Submarine Branch, formed during their service in HM Submarines.
To promote and foster relationships with submariners of other countries.
To enhance the well-being of submariners past and present and their families.
To promote and support the Submariners Benevolent Fund.

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Angles and Dangles!

Flood Q, 90feet, Midships, Down All Masts.

Our Association

The Association has a Patron currently Admiral of the Fleet,
Lord Boyce K.G. G.C.B. O.B.E. D.L., President of the Association,
Rear Admiral Niall SR Kilgour CB, There are five Honorary Vice Presidents, The National Management Council holds 5 meetings a year and the Council consists of a Honorary Chairman, Vice Chairman, National Secretary, National Treasurer, National Membership Secretary, Parade Marshal & Committee Member, a further 5 Committee Members, a Serving Representative, Honorary Chaplin of the Association, National Webmaster, National Standard Bearer, Museum Trustee and a Minutes Secretary.




There are 51 Branches Nationally and 4 Branches Internationally. Some Branches have a Chairman. All have a Secretary. The current membership is about 1970 members - officers and men who have served in Diesel and Nuclear Submarines or indeed both. There are about 60 members who have served in World War II. Along with the Association's own "In Depth" magazine, some Branches provide their own Newsletters. There is the Conference of Naval Associations newsletter. We are also linked by newsletter to other Submariner Associations as Canada, US Veterans Pasadena and Hawaii these can be viewed on this website. Please visit the Newsletter pages.




There is a National Reunion which incorporates the National Council Conference once a year. Reunion Photos will be available on this Website. The Embankment Parade held at the Submariners Memorial in London, is always held 1 week before the London Cenotaph Parade around the Armistice - Sunday in November. There are a number of Events held around the country which may be Branch Specific, and every year there is the Diesel Boat Reunion held in Plymouth. A Northern Diesel Boat Reunion is also held in the North East. Please visit the events Pages.



First 'Holland' Class Submarine

The following were the first officers and men appointed to the Submarine Service, September 1901:

♦ Lieutenant F.D. Arnold-Forster
♦ Lieutenant S. Bowle Evans
♦ Lieutenant J.B. Morton
♦ Engineer Robert Spence
♦ William R. Walker - Petty Officer First Class
♦ F.C. Knight - Petty Officer First Class
♦ Joseph B. Rees - Petty Officer First Class
♦ Ernest E. Neville - Petty Officer First Class
♦ William J. Robinson - Engine-Room Artificer, 3rd Class
♦ William Muirhead - Engine-Room Artificer, 3rd Class

Admiral Sir Reginald Bacon KCB KCVO DSO

Submariners Association.

Recognised by the Ministry of Defence

The Submariners Association can only function properly with the right blend of the old and new. In this context we need your commitment and enthusiasm to help in forging a new look Submariners Association which will combine all of the better qualities of old and new, thereby ensuring that the Association will match up to the needs of the future...