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Diane Thomson November 24, 2016
My Great Uncle Charles Cranston Peacock killed on HMS pereues of Greece 06/12/1941.
Email Address: dianethomson3@hotmail.com
Colin Sheppard November 17, 2016
Served on the Rorqual, Warlus & Narwhal from 1971 - 1976. Uncle was also killed on the Rorqual in 1966.
look to join Cheltenham Branch next month December
Email Address: info@hs-eu.com
Mick Bussey October 27, 2016
Ex Opossum and Sealion 1965- 1971
Email Address: mail@mickbussey.plus.com
Igor Kurdin October 18, 2016
Dear fellow submariners and all our friends. I would like to inform you that our "Saint-Petersburg Submariners & Naval Veterans Club" have been entrusted to hold the 54th International Submariners Congress in the Naval Capital of Russia. It will take place in St. Petersburg from the 5th to 12th of June 2017.

We have been designing an exciting and interesting program for you during your stay with us.
As well as the Naval Capital, St Petersburg is also considered to be the Cultural Capital of Russia. We would like to show you the most famous sights of the city, such as the Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac Cathedral. You will visit Peterhof museum complex and the famous Amber Room in Pushkin.

You are welcome to arrive on the 5th of June.
The cultural part of the Congress will continue for three days beginning June 6th. The Official part of the Congress will start in the evening of June 8th and according to congress tradition it will last for 4 days, ending with a traditional Gala Dinner and closing party on the 11th.
During the official part you will see St. Petersburg as a naval capital. You can visit naval fortress Kronstadt with its Naval Cathedral, the new Central Navy Museum of Russia, the legend of Russian fleet - the cruiser “Aurora”, the Narodovolets D-2 submarine and C-189 Whiskey Class submarine. We will honor the memory of fallen submariners in St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral and at the Kursk Submarine Memorial in at the Serafimovskoe Cemetery. The Congress website will provide further information on fees and other details in the nearest future. We offer you accommodation in the hotels “St .Petersburg” and “Azimut”..
We are truly excited to inform you that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has approved humanitarian visas for all the participants of the Congress. This visa type is financially more affordable and easier to obtain. Welcome aboard!

Best regards,
Captain Igor Kurdin,

e-mail: subclub@mail.ru, http://www.submarinersclub.ru/en

Email Address: subclub@mail.ru
Len Inglis October 16, 2016
Steve Orme is looking for his Uncle Albert Orme, he served Hms Oberon 1975 as a Leading Stoker. Came from Derby aged now around 60.
Email Address: lennox.inglis@googlemail.com
Tom Hudson-O'Farrell October 12, 2016
Hello. Keep looking around among the different branches for guys I knew. Been here in Australia since '71, together with guys from the first commission of Sealion (SO7) in '61. We're all a little older now. To those who I sailed with, "Keep well". Cheers.
Email Address: t3mautom6@tpg.com.au
George Bazoo Byzewski July 10, 2016
Greetings from Halifax, NS., Canada. I am a long time member of the SAOC(E) and I was on your site looking for Slops. Look back at my times in the UK with fondness. Met many lifelong Submarine Comrades.
Email Address: gbazoo@hotmail.com
Georgina Wooller May 10, 2016
I'm trying to track down some of the crew members who served with my father on the Sea Scout, Sea Devil and
Email Address: georginawoooller65@gmail.com
David Groves May 5, 2016
I served in Renown from 1967. During construction, workup and the first patrols. I was then drafted to the Polaris School as CREL Navaids Instructor. If any one remembers me I would like to hear from you.
Email Address: grovesydj@btinternet.com
Ralph Cooley April 8, 2016
Hi. I'm trying to find anyone who remembers my father Brian Cooley. He was a petty officer in submarines in the late 60s. He died in 88 and I'm trying to patch together some stories from his life to make a book for my two young girls. Thanks. Ralph Cooley
Email Address: ralphdotcom@gmail.com
Harold Edwards April 6, 2016
Do you have any members who have an interest of connections with descendants of E49 which was sunk off Unst, Shetland on 12 March 1917. I am hoping to erect a commemoration plaque on the centenary of the sinking. Any information would be gratefully received
Email Address: h.edwards120@btinternet.com
John (Whisky) Walker March 5, 2016
Served on Olympus and Opportune (under James Perone) in the mid to late 70s. Some memorable times for me. I'm a College Lecturer now, but I'll neve forget those days in the mob.
Email Address: walker.jat@gmail.com