Embankment & Cenotaph Parades


Cenotaph Parades

Embankment & Cenotaph Parades

National Submarine Memorial

The National Submarine War Memorial is a memorial to Royal Navy submariners who died in the first and second world wars. It is set against the wall on the Victoria Embankment, London, and is a Grade II listed building.

Unveiled on 15 December 1922

"Erected to the memory of the officers and men of the British Navy who lost their lives serving in submarines 1914-1918 and 1939-1945"

International Memorial

Dundee International Submarine Memorial was dedicated on 17 September 2009. It commemorates the crews who are "Still on Patrol" and honours the gallantry of all the submariners who went on patrol from the River Tay during the Second World War.

Thetis Memorial - Liverpool

HMS Thetis set sail from Wirral on 1 June 1939 for sea trials but sank due to a torpedo problem in the Irish Sea, 40 miles north of Llandudno, 99 people died.

K13 - Faslane Cemetry

In memory of those officers and men of the Commonwealth who gave their lives in submarines while serving the cause of freedom. The K-13 memorial "In memory of the 25 naval personnel and 7 civilians who died on the K13 in the Gareloch on January 29th 1917.

Untamed & Vandal

The Scottish Branch discovered that two submarines, 'VANDAL' and 'UNTAMED' had been lost in the Clyde with all hands in 1943. 'VANDAL' was lost in February and never recovered. 'UNTAMED' at the end of May, the crew is buried at Dunoon Cemetery

Blyth Memorial

Every year whilst the Annual Submarine Remembrance Parade takes place at the National Submarine Memorial, a smaller but no less poignant service takes place in Blyth, Northumberland.

Embankment Parade - 7th November 2021

Middle Temple Halls

Details to be announced


The sacrifice of members of the Royal Navy Submarine Service has been marked during this year’s Annual Submariner Memorial weekend.  This year’s Ceremonies had to be drastically slimmed down on account of the ongoing corona virus situation and numbers participating were reduced to six to comply with the regulations.

Serving personnel from the Submarine Service, and Veterans’ organisation - the Submariners Association - sent representatives to Westminster Abbey and to the National Submarine War Memorial on the Embankment on Saturday, October 31st, and Sunday, November 1st.

On the Saturday, Submariner Andy Jeffrey visited the Poppy Gardens at Westminster Abbey where he set out crosses on behalf of the Submarine Service.  At 1400 there was a short service and wreath laying at the Abbey’s Combined Service Memorial, led by Canon Anthony Ball.

The Commodore of Submarines, Commodore Jim Perks CBE and Iain Mackenzie, Vice Chairman of the Submariners Association laid Wreaths at the foot of the Submariner memorial

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On Sunday Morning activity moved to the National Submarine Memorial on the Embankment where there was a short Service of Remembrance.  The Honorary Chaplain of the Submariners Association, the Reverend Professor Stephen Dray, officiated during the service which included a Reading from the Holy Scriptures by Commodore Perks, the Naval Prayer, The Exhortation and The Two Minutes Silence.  This was followed by Wreath laying on behalf of the Submarine Service and the Submariners Association.  Wreaths were also laid on behalf of many Branches of the Submariners Association and the HMS URGE families association.  Whilst the Wreaths were being laid the Chairman of the Submariners Association read the Roll Call of Submarines lost.

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The Service was concluded with the Chaplain leading the Parade in the Lord’s Prayer and the reading of the Submariners Prayer before giving the Blessing.  Iain Mackenzie then gave the Orders ‘Out Hip Flasks’ and ‘Absent Friends’ before dismissing the Parade.

Present at the National Submarine Memorial were Commodore Jim Perks, CBE, Barrie Downer (Chairman, Submariners Association), Iain Mackenzie (Vice Chairman & Parade Marshal), Trevor Thomas (National Standard Bearer) and a serving Submariner.

Watching from a distance were the Submariners Association Patron, Admiral of the Fleet, The Lord Boyce, the Association President, Rear Admiral Niall Kilgour and several other Serving and Veteran Submariners.



To all Submariner veterans and not just those who are members of the Submariners Association, it is never too early to be thinking about joining us and participating in the march past at the Cenotaph.

If you think that this is something you would like to do then this is a ticketed event, organised by the Royal British Legion.

So if you would like to join the Submariners Association then all you have to do is to send the following information and a stamped self-addressed envelope to Andrew Morgan the Associations Parade Marshall to the address: 

Andrew Morgan Esq
224 Heritage Place
St Mellon’s
Parade Marshall
Submariners Association

 Andrew Morgan Esq

Information we will require




Off No:


Place of birth:

Tel No:


Please also include a stamped self-addressed envelope for us to be able to send you your tickets once we receive them.

We know this is rather a lot on information which is required, but this is what the RBL requires these days.

Andy will collate all requests and at the end of July they will be sent to the RBL as one list. He will then get your tickets end September early October where he will then use your stamped self-addressed envelope to send you your ticket.

For any further information please contact :

 Andrew Morgan Esq

General Information

Although not guaranteed, in previous years the railway networks have been allowing anybody traveling to London on the Sunday to take part in the Cenotaph Parade FREE travel, so it is always worth checking with your local network nearer the time. This is also usually been extended to the tube. There are also Taxis which will also transport you to and from the Parade muster point from your accommodation or Railway station.


Further information about the rig of the day and muster times will be made available nearer the time.

About our Association

The Submariners Association is an Association of ex and serving Submariners which seeks to maintain the special bonds of friendship, loyalty and comradeship, together with a pride in the Submarine Service, formed during service in Her Majesty's Submarines.

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