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The Submariner

Needs to work well as part of a team. Serving on board a Submarine takes a special type of person, who needs to be able to live and work in a confined space, where conditions can quickly change from relatively calm to extremely active circumstances. After the ten weeks Basic Training at HMS Raleigh, the student will go on to Professional Training, for anywhere between 3 and 6 months, this time at the Submarine School also based at HMS Raleigh.

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All Trophy Winners

2017 - 2018
AB(WS)(TSM) W Broughton

2016 - 2017
AB(WS)(TSM) Thomas Nathan Peacock

11th November 2016

2015 -2016
Christopher James Bennett

20th October 2015
Weapons Electrical

2014 -2015
AB(CISSM) Lewis Stock

21st September 2014
Posted to HMS Vanguard

2013 - 2014
AB(WS)(SSM) Mathew Baker

14th October 2013
Posted HMS Turbulent, HMS Talent

The Submariner Student

As well as learning the specialist skills based around the student’s career, be it Submarine Sonar, Tactical Systems, Communications Information Systems, Weapons Engineering, Marine Engineering, or the varied specialisations of the Logistics Branch; the student will be sent to complete 10 weeks of Submarine Theory training called Submarine Qualification(Dry) or SMQ(Dry). Depending of which class of Submarine, he is being streamed to will depend on where he completes this training, either at Faslane for Vanguard and Astute Class or at Devonport for Trafalgar Class submarines. 

The student will also have completed SETT training during this period. Throughout SMQ(Dry) he will be examined on the various systems that are required to make a submarine operate. On successful completion of this theory training, he will be sent to sea on his particular class of submarine where he will consolidate his training culminating in Fwd, Aft, (and Strategic Weapon System) walk-rounds and an oral board based on Submarine Routines and Systems; the end result will be the award of the coveted badge of a qualified Submariner 'The Dolphins', this forms part of their professional training known as SMQ(Wet). 

HMS Raleigh embraced the idea for the Submariners Association to sponsor a trophy The Trophy .is presented by the Association.

A 14inch Submariner Statuette (known as Leading Seaman - Read) made by Ballantynes of Walkerburn in the Borders of Scotland is awarded to the best course pupil. It is mounted on an engraved mahogany base with a set of Dolphins. The trophy will be known as 'The Submariners Association Trophy'

At the Royal Navy Submarine School within HMS Raleigh, there is an Honours Board with the recipients' name appended. The Trophy will be on display next to the Honours Board. The winner also receives a Certificate, produced and printed by HMS Raleigh.

There are on average 4 courses per year. The Chief Instructors decide on the best student, based not purely on academic results but on those qualities required of a potential Submariner; those qualities being Courage, Loyalty, Discipline, Integrity, Respect for others, and Selfless Commitment. This trophy is kept at the School and not taken away by the pupil. The award winner is presented with a certificate and a miniature replica of the main trophy., this trophy is awarded annually.


The Submariners Association trophy is awarded annually and presented to the recipient at the annual Submarine Service Awards Night, known as the Submarine Oscars Night! The recipient is  the recruit who, in the opinion of the Submarine School Instructors displays and fully embraces the qualities expected not only of a member of the Royal Navy, but also of a potential Submariner. Each recipient must show his dedication to his chosen career path and display the requisite levels of professionalism, drive and outstanding moral fibre. The trophy was presented to the Royal Navy Submarine School as a way of enhancing the interaction and engagement between the association and serving Submariners.

The new trophy is a replica of the 'Submariner' which forms part of the memorial in Westminster Abbey to the men of the Commandos, Royal Navy Submarine Service, Airborne and Special Air Service who fell in World War II. It was designed by Gilbert Ledward and was completed in 1946. The Memorial was unveiled by Winston Churchill in May 1948 and is situated in the West Cloister of Westminster Abbey.

Leading Seaman - Reginald Lawrence Read was the original model for the statue, which has since become the unofficial representative of the Submarine Service. 

A silver copy was presented to Her Majesty the Queen on 8th June 1958 to mark the presentation of the first Queens Colour to the Royal Navy Submarine Service. It has been used on many commemorative items including small scale replicas made of different materials including: porcelain, plastic and even the lead from the batteries of Holland I, the Royal Navy's first submarine.

While the trophy itself will remain in the Royal Navy Submarine School, each recipient will receive an engraved miniature, a certificate, a booklet called 'A Potted History of the Submariners Association' and the DVD 'A Breed Apart - A Band of Brothers' with his name included on a specially commissioned Honours Board.

About our Association

The Submariners Association is an Association of ex and serving Submariners which seeks to maintain the special bonds of friendship, loyalty and comradeship, together with a pride in the Submarine Service, formed during service in Her Majesty's Submarines.

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