Cdr J.W. Linton DSO VC

Cdr J.W. Linton DSO VC

Cdr J.W. Linton DSO VC





Submariner VC
Blue Plaque

The Submariners Association are running a project to erect a Blue Plaque to commemorate holders of the VC who were submariners. Frank (Sandy) Powel a member of the Associations NMC is the driving force in getting all the hard work done, which involves selecting the location, getting all the permissions required and arranging the unveiling.


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12th March

Cdr John LINTON RN, CO HM S/M Turbulent was presumed lost to escorting Italian MAS (MTBs) while attacking an escorted ship off Sardinia.

Posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his record as commanding officer

The London Gazette, Tuesday, 25 May, 1943 - (From the ADMIRALTY, Whitehall, S.W.1)
The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the award of the VICTORIA CROSS for valour in command of H.M. Submarines to:

Commander John Wallace Linton, D.S.O., D.S.C., Royal Navy.

From the outbreak of War until H.M.S. Turbulent's last patrol Commander Linton was constantly in command of submarines, and during that time inflicted great damage on the Enemy. He sank one Cruiser, one Destroyer, one U boat, twenty eight Supply Ships, some 100,000 tons in all, and destroyed three trains by gun fire. In his last year he spent two hundred and fifty four days at sea, submerged for nearly half the time, and his ship was hunted thirteen times and had two hundred and fifty depth charges aimed at her.

His many and brilliant successes were due to his constant activity and skill, and the daring which never failed him when there was an Enemy to be attacked.

On one occasion, for instance, in H.M.S. Turbulent, he sighted a convoy of two Merchantmen and two Destroyers in mist and moonlight. He worked round ahead of the convoy and dived to attack it as it passed through the moon's rays. On bringing his sights to bear he found himself right ahead of a Destroyer. Yet he held his course till the Destroyer was almost on top of him, and when his sights came on the convoy, he fired. His great courage and determination were rewarded. He sank one Merchantman and one Destroyer outright, and set the other Merchantman on fire so that she blew up


Saturday 6th July 2013

The first such plaque was unveiled by the Association President, Admiral Sir James Perowne KBE, at St Joseph's Convent in Newport Gwent. The building is the birthplace of Commander John Wallace (Tubby) Linton VC, DSO, DSC Royal Navy. The house was acquired by the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1948 for use as a hospital and hospice. Commander Linton was born in the house on the 15th of October 1905. The sisters were presented with a framed copy of Commander Linton's birth certificate. After the ceremony the sisters provided tea and biscuits for those in attendance.

In recognition of his achievement, and the gallantry of Turbulent's crew, John Wallace Linton, DSO, DSC, RN was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross on 25 May 1943. The citation read: Commander Linton has been in command of submarines throughout the War. He has been responsible for the destruction of 1 cruiser, 1 destroyer, 20 merchant vessels, 6 schooners and 2 trains. A total of 81,000 tons of enemy shipping sunk. From 1st January 1942 to 1st January 1943 he spent 254 days at sea, including 2,970 hours diving. During this period he was hunted 13 times and had 250 depth charges dropped on him. His career has been one of conspicuous gallantry and extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy.

Also in attendance at the ceremony were; The Right Worshipful The Mayor of Newport Councillor Cliff Suller and the Lady Mayoress Christine. Three Standards were paraded. The Welsh branch of the Submariners Association, The Newport branch of the Royal Naval Association and the Newport branch of The Merchant Navy Association together with several members of those associations.

Representing the National Management Committee of the Submariners Association were the Chairman Jim McMaster, Committee Members Rick Rothwell JP and Frank Pas together with the National Membership Secretary Keith Bishop.

Above with the standards are three former Commanding Officers of the last HMs/m Turbulent. On the far left is Capt. David Tall OBE. Second from the right is Cdr. Ian Richards and on the right is Commodore Steven Ramm OBE. The picture on the right is Capt. Tall reading a message from Lady Cassidi, the sponsor of the last Turbulent.

The senior sister being presented with a bouquet of flowers by Pauline Bradbury, the wife of an Association member.

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