In Memoriam

In Memoriam

The Submariner’s Prayer

O Father, hear our prayer to Thee
For your humble servants, beneath the sea
In the depths of oceans, as oft they stray
So far from night, so far from day
We would ask your Guiding Light to glow
To make their journey safe below
Please oft times grant them patient mind
Then ‘ere the darkness won’t them blind
They seek thy protection from the deep,
Please grant them peace when ‘ere they sleep
Of their homes and loved ones far away
We ask you care for them each day
Until they surface once again
To drink the air and feel the rain
We ask your guiding hand to show
A safe progression sure and slow
Dear Lord, please hear our prayer to thee
For your humble servants beneath the sea.


If you want to contact someone and you know which Branch they are a member of. Please contact the relevant BRANCH secretary for their contact details. Otherwise please contact the National Membership Secretary

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Obituary Table

The Obituary table contains those that have 'Crossed the Bar' and have been reported to the Submariners Association. If you would like to report a Crossing of the Bar please submit our In Memoriam Form here. These pages are updated regularly and cover All known members past & present who have sadly CTB.

'We Will Remember Them'
It is our sad duty to inform you that the following members are on "ETERNAL PATROL"


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About our Association

The Submariners Association is an Association of ex and serving Submariners which seeks to maintain the special bonds of friendship, loyalty and comradeship, together with a pride in the Submarine Service, formed during service in Her Majesty's Submarines.

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