Rules & Constitution

Rules & Constitution

Name and Crest






The Crest

The crest shall be a Submarine across a blue circle with the words "Submariners" above and "Association" below headed with the Naval Crown.
The sale of national emblems and insignia shall be through the National Management Committee via branch secretaries. Branch emblems or insignia may be procured at Branch level.

Rules and Constitution and Management Committee Standing Orders

Issue 4 - March 2015


The Association shall have a patron, allocated from time to time by the National Management Committee. The post to be an Honorary position carrying no executive duties.
The name of the Association shall be the "Submariners Association" hereinafter referred to as "The Association".


(a) The Association is open for Full Membership to:
(i) Officers and ratings who have served, or who are still serving as qualified members of the Ships Company of HM Submarines. This includes members of the crews of Allied submarines which operated under the command of the Flag Officer Submarines in British Flotillas during World War Two (1939 - 1945).
(ii) Exceptionally, qualified submariners of other navies who have served in HM Submarines on exchange drafts for at least six months may have applications for full membership submitted by a branch for consideration by the National Management Committee.
(iii) A person who was a Full Member of The Association on 27 March 1999 and has continued to be a Full Member.
(b) The Association may award Honorary Membership to persons who have made significant contributions to the objectives of The Association.
National Honorary Membership of The Association may be offered by the National Management Committee, after agreement of the National Council, to persons who have made significant contributions to the objectives of the Association on a wider scale than at branch level. Nominations for such Honorary membership may be from branches or one or more members of the National Management Committee.
(c) The Association is open for Associate Membership to:
(i) Individuals who share the objectives of The Association.
(ii) Submariners who have served in NATO and/or Allied Forces who do not otherwise meet the qualifications required for Full Membership.
(d) Branch Honorary and Associate Memberships shall be a matter for each Branch of The Association providing always that such Members:
(i) shall have no voting powers on matters that will come before the Branch from time to time.
(ii) shall not be eligible for nomination or election to the National Council or the National Management Committee or as an officer of a Branch.
(e) Registration of Members
Memberships will be registered by branches and full memberships will be recorded on the National Register via branch secretaries. This Register will be maintained by a Membership Secretary appointed by the National Management Committee.
Branch Honorary and Associate memberships will only be registered at the branch of which they are members. National Honorary Members will be registered on the National Register by the National Membership Secretary.
(f) Members who register with more than one branch may nominate a parent branch for which National Subscription be paid under Clause 4.
Affiliated Branches only receive their Subscription under Clause 4b

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About our Association

The Submariners Association is an Association of ex and serving Submariners which seeks to maintain the special bonds of friendship, loyalty and comradeship, together with a pride in the Submarine Service, formed during service in Her Majesty's Submarines.

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