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Submariners Association Links Pages

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Please click the link on the above side menu or LINKS opposite to pages for information regarding Association Branches and RN Submarine Websites, Royal Navy & other Websites of Interest, Submarine Associated Websites, Maritime Books


If any Association member knows of a link which they feel may be of interest to other members please inform the Webmaster on the link below and if appropriate it will be included in these pages. If I have missed out any Branch web-site please forward your details also please inform me of any broken links which you may encounter.

Association Branches and RN Submarine Websites

Using the links on the side menu you can visit the Links to the Submariners Association Branch Websites and individual Submarine Websites, The National Museum of the Royal Navy includes the Submarine Museum

RN Submarine Websites. . .

RN & Other Websites of Interest

Golf Championships, National Arboretum, Naval History, Submarine Websites from Overseas.

RN & Other sites of Interest. . .


Coxswains Association, Submariners Association of Australia, Canada (Central), (East) & (West) and Russia


Submarine Associated Websites

A list of links for Websites such as Forces Reunited, SSAFA, Navy News, Association of Royal Navy Officers, Royal Canadian Navy etc...

Submarine Associated Sites

Maritime Books

Some of the most recent books that have been suggested as a good read some written by ex-Submariners, also links to Publishers

Maritime Books. . .