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Association Meetings & Events

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Please click the link on the above side menu or LINKS opposite to pages for information regarding National Council Committee Documents, National Management Meeting Documents, National Reunion Details, Embankment & Cenotaph Parades, Branch Events and Events Calendar.

National Council Conference

Using the links on the side menu you can visit the Executive Council Conference (NCC) minutes held yearly and are Unconfirmed until the next NCC. The documents are available going back 2 years and are in PDF Format.

NCC. . .

National Management Committee Meetings

The NMC Meetings are held approximately 3 times a year, locations to be confirmed by the NMC, the results of the meetings are published on this page and are in PDF Format.

National Management Committee. . .

National Reunion

Full details when promulgated are shown on this page link, there will be one Full & Families Reunion per year, at a location to be confirmed by Vice President - Dave Barlow Esq & Iain Mackenzie Esq.

National Reunion . . .

Embankment & Cenotaph Parades

The Embankment Parade is always held the week before the Cenotaph Parade in November. Full details when promulgated will be shown on this page link, along with any documentation which will be in PDF Format

Embankment & Cenotaph Parades . . .

Branch Events

Full Branch Events will be held on this page link. Branch Secretaries post all relevant information regarding their Branch Events if the event is held annually any photos will be posted on a separate Photo page, any documents relevant to the Event will be in PDF Format.

Branch Events. . .