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Branch & Submarine Websites

Branch Websites

Links to the Submariners Association Branch Sites, are available by clicking the individual Branch link below, OR the link to the Association Branch Page where you can also view the Branch Secretaries & Contact Details also when and here the Branch meet.

Association Branches Page. . .


If any Association member knows of a link which they feel may be of interest to other members please inform the Webmaster on the link below and if appropriate it will be included in these pages. If I have missed out any Branch web-site please forward your details also please inform me of any broken links which you may encounter.

RN Submarine Website Links

Brit Sub
Brit Sub for all your UK Submariners Needs

UK - Annual Diesel Boat Reunion (Plymouth)

This is the site based at the home of the submarine service - Gosport.Royal Navy Submarines.

H.M. Submarine Churchill
Churchill's own website for reunions, dits etc.

H.M. Submarine Spartan.
Home page dedicated to the crew/crews of Spartan.

H.M. Submarine Courageous
A site by Chas Cooke for ex crew members of the Courageous.

H.M. Submarine Opossum
Welcome to the home page of the Opossum Association.
The site also now welcomes onboard all former crew members of the:- 'S19 'Opossum' Submarine.'

Society of Friends of the Royal Navy Submarine Museum
A new site which we should all support, please be sure to visit and sign the guestbook.

Diesel Weasel.
Welcome to Diesel Weasel, a site dedicated to the diesel submariners of the British Royal Navy.A site hosted by Andy Sugden.

H.M. Submarine Resolution.
The intent of this site is to serve the officers and ratings of HMS Resolution's crew.

H.M. Submarine Repulse.
A site created by Mick Inshaw on behalf of the Repulse Association.

Submariners and Submarines
Site for World wide serving and ex submariners or anyone just interested in submarines