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Chairman of the Submariners Association

Chairman of the Submariners Association

¤Jan. – Dec. 1963 Joined HMS Ganges aged 15 years as a JME(2) Junior Stoker – 2 Class)
¤Jan. – Dec. 1964 Served on HMS Eastbourne
¤January 1965 Drafted to HMS Dolphin for Submarine training

On completion of Basic Training joining HMS/M Auriga in refit and then sailed with her to the 7 Division (later Squadron) in Singapore
After a short period in Spare Crew (Pier Head Jump to HMS/M Oracle)
Another Pier Head Jump to HMS/M Warspite 1968
HMS/M Oberon headed for the Far East
On return to UK and drafted to HMS Sultan for LMEM Course.
Drafted back on to HMS/M Oberon.
Promoted to SPO and drafted to HMS Sultan for Mechanician Course.

As Mechanician I completed various Nuclear Courses including the Long Course
Spending the best part of ten years on Polaris boats.
Served on HMS/M Revenge(P) and later on HMS/M Repulse(S)

As Navy career drew near to completion was involved in the new Mixed Manning set-up in HMS Neptune being the first Shift Manager in that draft
Finally left the RN in December 1986 serving pensionable time