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We Remember Submariners


Was created in 2011 after the murder of Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux GM RN. The aim of the group was simply to provide a wreath for his funeral. 208 shipmates joined together via the Internet to do this. Since that time the group has grown to over 3000 members and expanded its aim to attempt to provide wreaths for as many deceased shipmates as we can. We fund this effort by selling our year pins. This last year we sold 4000 plus pins at £5.50 each.

2000 of pins were sold via our Facebook page and the remainder by volunteers selling them in Plymouth, Portsmouth, Faslane, Barrow and the Submarine Museum. Three SA Branches took up our offer and sold pins. All these places (I call them ‘Outstattions’) had the benefit (and will again this year) of receiving pins FREE and keeping 50% of the money they raised to give to charities of their choice, ...or use the money for branch funds. The other 50% is sent to us to use.

In addition to using the funds raised to provide wreaths we also use the money to support submariners in need. For example £1,390 was gifted to the widow of a submariner off HMS TIRELESS who sadly committed suicide

This year we are hoping to sell 7000 of our pins and with 2000 odd again having been sold on Facebook we hope the 5000 will go via ‘outstations’ like yourselves. If we can achieve this over £13,750 will be available to go towards Submarine Charities

In addition we support the British Legion poppy appeal with the sale of our pins, as the money raised is used to purchase wreaths from The Lady Haig Poppy Factory

In addition to our Wreath purchasing and Charity fundraising, we hope, for the first time this year, to be able to provide monetary support to the RNBT's 'Submarine Memorial' fund. This is (to me) a badly named fund, as it is not, in fact, for a Memorial - it is, in fact, a Welfare fund which is ringfenced for Submariners only. We have been invited to provide a member to sit on its steering Committee. Currently there is no Submariner representing anybody on this committee.

If your Branch feels it would like to join us in this venture could you please let me know ASAP how many pins you would like to take up.
They will be sent on a no fee sale or return basis. I am available to answer any queries on email or phone number below:

John Bradbury | 01443 771830
National Standard Bearer S.O.C.A.1997 -2000
Member Welsh Branch. Submariners Association.

Is supported and approved by RASM, Admiral Perowne, Mrs Gill Molyneux

See the Scrolling Testimonial Details below:-

August 2015

Wreath and Mollies sent for funeral of Roger Fry. | Additional re-supply of Mollies sent to Barrow SA. Assistance in locating NOK for Andrew Foxon. | Wreath for East Wittering memorial rededication. | Wreath for East Wittering Rememberence Day | Mollies for nick Harraps NOK

image01Many Thanks for the donations

September 2015

Wreath Card and Mollies for Paul Eva's family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Alex Sneddon | Mollies for Erica Brennan | Mollies for Graham Foxons family | Mollies for Ken Whites family (2013) | Wreath and Mollies for Lt David Woosey RN Rtd family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Tomas Solarz family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Ron Stubbs family | Wreath for Gill Moyneux Wigan Memorial

image02Many Thanks for the donations

October 2015

Wreath Card and Mollies for Dean Walkers family | Card and Mollies for Dave I'Ansons family | Card and Mollies for Matt Scotts family | S-WRS - Wreath for Resolution Association | Wreath for Kevin Whales Daughter | S-WRS - For Truculent Memorial Jan 6th. | Condolence card to Tex Rangers family. | Wreath and Mollies sent via Grangemouth RNA Submariners | Condolence card to Tom Carr Wreath Card and Mollies to family of Terry Soar | S-WRS -For Mark Hancock Weston Super Mare Remembrance Day | Get well soon card for Bob Fife | Molly pin for Andy Bain | Molly pin for Andy Meredith | Wreath card and mollies for bill carrs family

image03Many Thanks for the donations

November 2015

L WRS - Embankment - To be laid jointly by Anne Sawalha and Mark Smith | L WRS - Westminster - Me | L WRS - National Memorial - Barry Jenkins | S WRS - Plymouth SM Facility - Jeff Crawford POSTED via Sarah Freeman | S WRS - Plymouth Hoe - Sarah Freeman | S WRS - Gosport - Bertie Brothers | S WRS - RN Submarine Museum - Peter Chilcott | S WRS - Faslane - SR Mess Pres POSTED via David Wynne | S WRS - For David Wynne Helensburgh. POSTED | S WRS - Helensburgh - BIBS Volunteer Gary Wilson | S WRS - Our affiliated School Barbara Dunn | S WRS - Derby - Debbie Lee POSTED | S WRS - Mark Campbell POSTED | S WRS - Edinburgh - Robert Watson (works at Lady Haigs Poppy Factory) | S WRS - Treherbert - Me S WRS - National Arbouretum | W WRS - Rugby - Vivien Mershon | L RNSMS - Wreath for SM School - Coxn Sutter SM School | L RNSMS - Westminster - SM School POSTED via Sarah Freeman | L RNSMS - Wreath for Embankment - SM School POSTED via Sarah Freeman | S WRS - Wreath for Nelsons tomb - SM School on behalf of WRS - POSTED via Sarah Freeman | S WRS - Bridlington - SA Branch | S WRS - Torpoint - Julie Joyce...(Her fathers wreath) | S WRS - for Mr Payne Derby - POSTED | S WRS - Dundee memorial | Wreath Card and Mollies for nok of Stephen Coulton | Wreath Card and Mollies for Peter Price | Wreath Card and Mollies for Bob Whites family | £780 Donated towards wheelchair for Disabled Submariner Mark Hancock | Wreath Card and Mollies for Tony Fishers Family | Card and Mollies for Malcolm Bradburys family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Alan Elings family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Dickie Hedges family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Ivor Jones family | Mollies and Card to Scouse Coultons family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Jim Durrants family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Yorkie Naylors family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Nick Carters family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Harry Browns family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Joe Edes family. .

image04Many Thanks for the donations

December 2015

Wreath Card and Mollies for Gerry Mansbridges family |Mollies for Andrew Dotchins family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Ted Gibson MBE Family | Wreath Card and Mollies sent off for family of Lt Cdr Jeff Bradshaw RN | Card and Mollies for family of Andrew Thornton | Donation to be made IDC by Louby | Wreath, Card and Mollies for family of Ginge Cundell | Wreath, Card and Mollies for Lt Cdr Pikes family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Bob Sharps family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Olly Burtons family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Ted Budgeon family | Wreath card and Mollies for Barry Smith

image05Many Thanks for the donations

January 2016

Wreath and Card to Fred Read | Wreath Card and Mollies for Jumper Collins family | Wreath Card Admiral Whetstones wife | Wreath for Truculent memorial | Wreath Card and Mollies for Dave Summers family | Wreath Card and Mollies for William Taff Howell GOLD

image06Many Thanks for the donations

February 2016

Wreath Card and Mollies for lt Joe Wright family GOLD | Two Wreaths for k13 memorials | Wreath Card and Mollies for Tam Grants family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Bob Bloomfields family | Wreath Card and Mollies for George Palmers family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Terence Haig Woods family | Wreath Mollies and Card for George Woodward family

image07Many Thanks for the donations

March 2016

Wreath Card and Moliles for Keith Bogey Knights family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Eddie Temple MBE family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Lt Cdr Lawrence Gilbert Turner | Wreath Card and Mollies for Mick Sullivan MBE family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Mike Southwards family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Jock Creedons family | Wreath Card for George Barras family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Brian Willis family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Darby Allens family (16 March)

image08Many Thanks for the donations

April 2016

Wreath Card and Mollies for family of Alistair Ferguson | Wreath Card and Mollies for Bob Potts family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Gary Jenkins family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Roy Andersons family | Wreath Card and Mollies for ben bensons family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Kieth Gradys family | Wreath Card and Mollies for Peter Snells family

image09Many Thanks for the donations

May 2016

Mollies for Shane Irvines family | Wreath Card and Mollies sent for family of Lt Cdr Andrew George Prideux DSC RN | 3 wreaths for Affray memorials, Gosport, Dundee and Alderney | Wreath card and mollies for Lt Cdr Chris Richards family | Wreath card and mollies for Peter Nibletts family | Get well card for Scotty Johnson | Wreath card and mollies for Dave Williamson family | Wreath Card and mollies for Ben Bensons family | Mollies FOR Peter Nesbitt | Mollies for Gary Sowersbys family | Wreath for Bridlington | Mollies for Paul McCabes family | Wreath and Mollies out to the family of Lt Cdr Peter Ellwood | Mollies sent for Lt Cdr Ted Traer | Wreath card and Mollies for Darren Jones family | Mollies for the family of CMEM Taff Heywood | Wreath for HMS THETIS memorial Birkenhead.

image10Many Thanks for the donations

June 2016

Wreath Card and Mollies for Family of William Edge | Wreath Card and Mollies for Family of Trevor Coppock.

image011Many Thanks for the donations

When Lt Cdr Molyneux was killed onboard HMS ASTUTE in 2011 it was realised that despite the resource of a large internet community of Submariners retired and otherwise, there was no facility set up to allow us to act as a group and send a wreath to the funeral -(or a donation to charity in lieu).

To fund a Wreath by initiating the purchase of a "Wreath pin" was the answer. It was decided to enable wreaths to be sent to other submariner’s funerals along with a ‘Molly’ memorial pin. To become a group member and support this effort (and be entitled to a gold poppy on the year pin, should you ‘Cross the Bar’) – All is required is a promise to buy a Wreath Pin (Cost £5.50 each plus postage fee) this is done via the webpage.


The list showing pledged members will be promulgated on our Facebook Page in the FILE box. ‘PLEASE DO NOT ACCESS THIS OR EDIT IT’. It is possible to be a member of the Facebook page without making any commitment and no obligation to buy. The purchase of the lapel pin will raise funds and our promise to you is that we uniquely number each wreath pin purchased and allow all the members to see the number system, therefore you all know how many wreath pins are promised to be purchased and what funds are due to come in.

The 2012 pin was a great success, but was a limited edition of 208 pins only. The 2012 membership list can be viewed in the files box, along with the next consecutive years. When you visit the Website please do not attempt to add names directly to these files as it is done by us.
Once the book for the current year [pin] closes the money raised will be used for the following -

1. To fund a wreath for the Submarine Memorial service at the Embankment London on the first Sunday in November, the wreath laying in Westminster abbey at the submariner statue and at  the National Cenotaph the following week.

2. To fund wreaths for Submarine memorials around the world and at other times during the following year to be laid by members. (Wreaths have been laid in Canada, Malta, Cyprus, Spain, USA, Australia, and Singapore)

3. To fund a wreath for ANY SERVING SUBMARINER who dies (whether a purchased member of the "We Remember" fund or not - and irrespective of whether in operational circumstances or not), or to make a donation to charity in lieu as specified by the Next of Kin.

4. To fund a wreath for ANY repeat ANY Pledged member who dies during the year, or to make a donation to charity in lieu as specified by the Next of Kin. Wreaths will also be sent to deceased Submariners who are not members of the group or of the Submarine Association whilst funding is available and provided i am informed to be able to do so.

5. To fund the initial (cost price) purchase of the next consecutive year Wreath pins. Also to reimburse for the cost of wreaths cards postage and other expenses incurred during this year.

6. Special memorial pins known as  "Molly" pins (in honour of Lt Cdr Molyneux) will be gifted only to immediate relatives of deceased submariners, this pin, featuring a single golden poppy in a wreath of red poppies, represents each families individual submariner. This pin will NOT be available to purchase, but it will be retrospectively issued to those entitled.

7. To fund the further purchase of condolence cards and any other items of a similar nature (flowers, get well cards, thinking of you cards etc) which may be necessary from time to time. (All of these will be sent on behalf of the group and not in an individual nature).

8. To fund production of polo shirts, key fobs, wristbands and car stickers or any other fundraising products.

Pins are individually numbered with certificates therefore maintaining accountability. 50% of the money raised from each of these pins comes into our funds and 50% to be used directly to charity of choice by each of the selling points. We will gain more membership from serving members. Any Funds remaining at the end of the  year after all deductions will be held in reserve or partially donated to Submarine related Charity thereafter. Each year’s pin will be ‘UNIQUELY DIFFERENT’ in design, broadly featuring red poppies and the appropriate number of gold poppies, with the inside design showing ‘WE REMEMBER’ and a set of Dolphins with the appropriate year underneath. The 2013 UK pin was designed by the children of Mrs Molyneux.

The 2014 to 2018 pins will incorporate elements of design based on submarine losses during the First World War.

Each year’s pin will incorporate a golden poppy for each serviceman or current ‘PLEDGED’ member who should ‘Cross the Bar’ in that year (August to August).
Payments will be submitted in August each year so the monies will not be held in account for 12 months without you having the goods.


Anyone ‘Crossing the Bar’ at an awkward time between pin design and creation will be included in the following years pin. Including a certificate of authenticity and a pin number for each pin issued, thus maintaining integrity of accountability of funds. Anyone wishing to order pins can do so ‘VIA THE WEBSITE’. If you are ordering more than one pin, please try to give names for all the intended recipients will receive an order number by return.  Payment will be taken automatically on 1st August of that year by the web page.
As the order of the Wreath pin early in the year, will thus be an entitlement to a wreath or charity donation ‘IN THE EVENT OF YOU’RE PASSING’ during the following year (and a golden poppy on the pin). But by not paying until August the following year, you may have already ‘Crossed the Bar’ and therefore in no position to pay me!
Therefore an order placed must and will be treated as a definite intent to pay by the following August, therefore the entitlement to the benefit of a Charity Donation or Wreath.


Should you ‘Cross the Bar’, your year pin will be given to your next of kin when it becomes available, along with the special NOK ‘Molly’ pins as mentioned above. Numbers of those special NOK pins issued will be at discretion and depending on circumstances. If a Serving or Retired Submariner dies who is ‘NOT’ a member of the pin holders list his Next of Kin will still be issued the Special NOK pins. Provided we are notified. Wreaths for such will be provided as long as there are sufficient funds remain to do so.

We need you to send information of any sad occurrence in which we have to act. If we don’t know we cannot send a donation. Please inform your next of kin. Keep your eye on the ‘WE REMEMBER SUBMARINERS’ page for posted notices of deaths, funeral details etc, not only of members but of submariners in general. Anyone is welcome to use this facility. Naturally this is dependent on someone providing me with details of death and an address/contact to write to.

There is a specific gallery of photos of members who have ‘Crossed the Bar’; this can be viewed under ‘PHOTOS’. You will also find photos elsewhere of non members who have crossed the bar where these have been made available.

Any donations made during the year will appear on the page, with proof of sending, either by copies of PayPal donations, or pictures of receipts, likewise wreath costs, purchase cost of pins, a full statement will appear each year allowing you to see remaining funds. We will be audited professionally. An incidental by product of the membership lists is that you can peruse them and you may see a name you recognize from days gone by as I obviously hold everyone’s address please get in touch with me if you wish to contact an old oppo.  Your Contact details will be kept confidential.

‘WE REMEMBER SUBMARINERS’ is endorsed by Admiral Perowne, Rear Admiral Ian Corder and Commodore Munns of the Submarine Museum and Gill Molyneux, widow of Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux GM RN - who's sad death sparked off this whole idea.

I have sent Gratis pins to HRH Prince William (and the Duchess) in his capacity as Honorary Commodore of the Submarine Service.

‘WE REMEMBER SUBMARINERS’ thanks you for your support.